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By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Steve Vogel’s Saturday column was published, maybe next week he can explain it.  It served no useful purpose.  It wasn’t even entertaining.  He rattled something about Illinois never seeing Presidential candidates.  Must be jealousy.  Mentioned were Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Carson, Rubio, Huckabee, and Santorum.  Jeb is polling so low, Stevie must have forgotten him.  Evidently the guy Vogel is most afraid of is Ted Cruz – not a peep about one of the leading candidates.

Stevie, you really need to up your game.  Of course if you can’t think of anything better to write, skipping a week is always an option.

Speaking of Vogel, last week he claimed Rauner should quit trying to get his agenda passed.  I responded:  http://blnnews.com/2016/01/24/vogel-get-some-facts-first/

Today Anonymous wrote an Editorial titled:

Status quo is recipe for continued failure

Too bad Anonymous at the Pantagraph is afraid to put a name to it.  Whoever anonymous is wrote with views diametrically opposed to Vogel.  (Three cheers)  If the press across Illinois hammered Madigan daily, not only would citizens be informed but change might happen.


Funeral services for Lee Newcom are still incomplete.  The family is working on a memorial service for Wednesday morning.  The GoFundMe page will probably have information when it is available:  https://www.gofundme.com/3nbjuzg4

There is a great picture of Lee and family (plus dog) on the site now.


Tuesday morning a little after 7, I will be on NewsTalk 98.3 with Ian Bayne.  We will talk about my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington and maybe some about my campaign.  Tune in!

The hearing is at 9:00 in Courtroom 5D.  Spectators welcome.  Hopefully the REAL show happens on Friday, also 9:00 am, same place.


One more thing:

All local government agencies here seem to all be infected with the same disease:  Federal grants.

Heartland used one to build their wind turbine, but the grant wasn’t factored into the final payback period.  Grants appear to be free money and immaterial to the REAL cost.

Taking money that isn’t yours used to be called theft.  Now theft is used to make costs appear lower.

Hard working people across this country were robbed by taxation for your tiger grants Normal.  Stealing from average Americans for Uptown doesn’t phase the Normal Town Council however.

Actually it’s worse.  Take the Feds money, you play by the Feds rules.  So much for local control.

Since the Feds are spending money they haven’t collected yet, and won’t for decades, we aren’t the ones being robbed.  It’s generations yet unborn.

Evidently those folks are also immaterial.







Update: Newcom: One of the good guys

Lee passed away today.   Keep his family in your prayers.   Lee is now enjoying heaven!


by:  Diane Benjamin

The former McLean County Recorder, Lee Newcom, is dying from cancer.  I don’t want to wait until he is gone to say what needs to be said.

Lee was a true Public Servant.  He always knew who paid his salary and expenses:  You.

Under Lee’s leadership, the Recorders Office became a model for the State.  Many errors in filings were corrected.  If property records aren’t perfectly maintained, you can’t prove a property belongs to you.  Errors made by your government can allow your property to be stolen from you.  Lee knew property rights are fundamental to preserving freedom.

I wish I could tell you stories of how he was abused at the County because he refused to waste tax dollars.  I can’t because I only have what people have told me.  The vote to eliminate the Recorders Office was based on false information produced only to get rid of him.  McLean County lost a good guy when he was forced out.

Lee and I had some fierce disagreements, but both of us knew we were fighting the same fight:  making government work for the people, not government.

Lee’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with his hospice care (not covered by insurance).

Read more of his story and help here:  https://www.gofundme.com/3nbjuzg4



Is anybody surprised by the Pantagraph?

by Diane Benjamin

It should be no surprise that Sunday the Pantagraph printed an “unbiased” editorial from Kathy Michael on eliminating the Recorder position.  Today they issued their opinion that supports hers, if you read between her lines.

The truth is – both offices should be appointed.  Voters are not capable of knowing the position or who is qualified to run the offices.  Both offices are charged with protecting our freedoms and liberty – one with property rights and one with our votes.  These should not be a contest on who can best win a popularity contest.

Lee Newcom is more than great at the job he does – it is more than record keeping.  I found errors on the system from Lee’s predecessor when investigating land purchases.  Lee has worked hard to clean up the records, but this shows what happens when the job is treated as mere filing.  We can not afford to remove Lee from this position!

The March primary election did not go well because ballots didn’t fit in the machine.  There is still an investigation on how the ballots were handled.  Yes Kathy, I expect you to protest that statement.

Do citizens actually think giving the County Clerk’s office more responsibility is the prudent thing to do?  Do you want to risk your property rights because they are treated as filing?  The Pantagraph was lied to by another County employee, and they used the lies to try to destroy Lee.  They were proven wrong – finally – by Matt Sorenson before the primary.  The Pantagraph has no love for conservatives and will not pass up an opportunity to get rid of one.  This time their target is Lee.  Who believes the Pantagraph anyway?

Vote NO on handing the Recorders office to the County Clerk.  The time is not now!

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