Is anybody surprised by the Pantagraph?

by Diane Benjamin

It should be no surprise that Sunday the Pantagraph printed an “unbiased” editorial from Kathy Michael on eliminating the Recorder position.  Today they issued their opinion that supports hers, if you read between her lines.

The truth is – both offices should be appointed.  Voters are not capable of knowing the position or who is qualified to run the offices.  Both offices are charged with protecting our freedoms and liberty – one with property rights and one with our votes.  These should not be a contest on who can best win a popularity contest.

Lee Newcom is more than great at the job he does – it is more than record keeping.  I found errors on the system from Lee’s predecessor when investigating land purchases.  Lee has worked hard to clean up the records, but this shows what happens when the job is treated as mere filing.  We can not afford to remove Lee from this position!

The March primary election did not go well because ballots didn’t fit in the machine.  There is still an investigation on how the ballots were handled.  Yes Kathy, I expect you to protest that statement.

Do citizens actually think giving the County Clerk’s office more responsibility is the prudent thing to do?  Do you want to risk your property rights because they are treated as filing?  The Pantagraph was lied to by another County employee, and they used the lies to try to destroy Lee.  They were proven wrong – finally – by Matt Sorenson before the primary.  The Pantagraph has no love for conservatives and will not pass up an opportunity to get rid of one.  This time their target is Lee.  Who believes the Pantagraph anyway?

Vote NO on handing the Recorders office to the County Clerk.  The time is not now!

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