United Nations Flag inside the Bloomington Council Chambers

This is the same United Nations who:

  • wants guns taken away from US citizens
  • started the global warming scam
  • wants the US to pay other countries for our “theft” of their resources
  • appoints brutal dictators to their human rights commission
  • wants to try Bush 43 for war crimes
  • held hearings on Voter Id laws in the US
  • gets most of their funding from us
  • disagrees and blocks any attempt to curb nuclear proliferation
  • allows a continual stream of America haters to spew their rhetoric at the UN
  • violates parking and traffic rules in NY and doesn’t pay fines

This is the short list.  Why is the UN flag in Bloomington?  Adlai Stevenson wouldn’t

be proud.

Another viewpoint:


One thought on “United Nations Flag inside the Bloomington Council Chambers

  1. In a recent radio interview, Mayor Steve Stockton was asked by a caller why the Flag was present? Stockton replied it was in honor of Stevenson who served as an ambassador of the United Nations. Why our city would choose to honor Stevenson with an international symbol instead of his photograph, a plaque, or something more relevant is quite puzzling, not to mention, troubling. After all, Stevenson wasn’t representing the UN, was he? Was he not there as a representative of the United States of America? It was suggested by the caller that if the flag must be present, it should be in a museum.
    I say the flag represents a culture, mindset and a form of government that is completely antithesis to anything our culture and tradition was founded upon or that the majority of citizens of this city believe in.
    The city of Bloomington is not a member of the international body. Cannot legally nor constitutionally be party to it or any of its mandates, resolutions, or agendas. And, the city of Bloomington has nor should it have any obligation to the international body.
    It should not be present.
    Get rid of it.


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