Sen Bill Brady Votes by Accident – UPDATE!

by Diane Benjamin Once again the Republican Party in Illinois shows ZERO leadership ability.  The final session of the legislature was a circus created by Mike Madigan to pass whatever legislation he approved of, a lot of it created to benefit his law clients. See,0,824489,full.story What did the Republicans do?  Walk out? Refuse to […]

Vetting Tari Renner – Part 3

How does Tari feel about immigration issues? From an IWU Newsletter: This again has been an exciting semester for us. Dr. Carolyn Nadeau’s Spanish for Social Justice class, with the support of the IWU Action Research Center, presented their work on community involvement. The audience learned about valuable IWU-community connections and how fieldwork strengthens the […]

Vetting Tari Renner – Part 2

Listed below are random items found by searching the Internet.  We are trying to paint a broad picture of what a Mayor Renner would look like. _________________________________________________________________ Announcement of candidacy for Mayor: So far the entire platform consists of spending.  Considering Dick Durbin and Barack Obama supported his congressional run, can we expect anything […]

Vetting Tari Renner

Tari Renner recently announced his run for Bloomington Mayor.  Below is a partial list of things discovered on the web: Who better to vet than his IWU students? 4/17/03 PSCI101 Lectures by Dr. Renner=Good times. What other prof leaps on the desk and runs around the room to make his points? And you gotta love […]