Chris Koos and Green Koolaid

by Diane Benjamin

At a breakfast this morning, Mayor Chris Koos talked endlessly about electric cars, the numerous charging stations he plans to bring to town, and how much he loves his EV.

Evidently he doesn’t realize nobody else wants an all electric car, but it’s YOUR money being invested in charging stations nobody uses.  Even if he gets state and federal grants to install them – it’s still YOUR money.

Volt sales are terrible and GM loses money on every one they sell.  Mayor – I hope another vehicle doesn’t hit your EV, a pancake mayor wouldn’t be attractive.  Besides, once Obama is done shutting down all the coal fired power plants, where is the electricity going to come from?  see previous article:

Then, there is this article from

An except:

The other side of the coin in this discussion is the perspective that pure electric vehicles will never replace internal combustion engine vehicles because they can’t survive in a real-world driving environment. The proponents on this side of the issue believe that unless and until people can drive 300 miles on a charge and stop at a refueling station and be fully charged up and ready to go for another 300 miles in five minutes tops – not eight hours or four hours or any “hour” for that matter – the pure electric vehicle will never be anything more than a niche novelty for urban centers.

Citizens of Normal:  Are you going to voice your objections?  It’s your money.

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