Aggregation: Follow the Money Update!

Citizens of Normal have received their “Opt Out” letter from the Town of Normal.  Check the rates they listed against your last bill.  I hear they don’t match!  One resident reported the rate you are currently paying is much less than the Town reported in the letter.  As reported, this aggregation gives the monopoly back to Ameren, and it puts money in the Town’s pocket.  Do your own homework – opt out and sign with a competitor.


by:  Diane Benjamin

Electricity rates were de-regulated in Illinois in 2007.  Ameren faced competition which is good because it leads to lower rates.  So how can Ameren keep the monopoly they have had in many cities for decades?  Aggregate!

Most, if not all cities that passed aggregation hired a consultant named Good Energy.  Most, if not all the cities contracted with Homefield Energy.  Who is Homefield Energy?  Ameren!  Go to this link and search for Homefield Energy:

This page lists all the cities who have contracted with Homefield Energy:

Normal contracted with Homefield Energy, according to reports, for Green Energy, even if it is costlier.  Nothing is yet available on the Good Energy website for Normal, but this is on the Good Energy site:

At the November 20th Granite City Council meeting, Good Energy’s Philip Carr explained that now that Granite City approved Municipal Aggregation, they will be receiving the best price for electricity in the market. Further, for just a tiny percent more, the community could choose 100% renewable energy from sources such as wind turbines.  

Did you pass aggregation to pay a “tiny percent” more or save the maximum amount of money?

From the Homefield Energy website – all cities:

Please note that the utility’s delivery service charges, taxes and other fees are not included in the Homefield Energy price.

The aggregated price is NOT what you will be charged.  I have contacted them for more information, so far no response.

Good Energy will be paid a commission and so will Normal.  If Bloomington passes aggregation, the City will also make money.  Peoria is expecting between $300,000 and $400,000.  The actual amount won’t be determined until aggregation has been in affect for awhile.

So what are you really voting for?

Homefield Energy has magically bid the lowest price all over Illinois.  That means you are voting to restore the Ameren monopoly and put other small suppliers out of business.  If aggregation is approved, competition will not exist.  You will be voting for  lower rates that will increase when the competition of out of business. Citizens can choose a different supplier already.  I’m sure you have received lots of information in the mail and lots of phone calls.

Do you think Bloomington and Normal will still be looking out for you when the eletricity contracts expire, or will they be looking for a maximum payout?

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