Why High Capacity Magazine Bans Won’t Work

2 minutes that WILL change your mind if you think 8 bullets is enough.

One thought on “Why High Capacity Magazine Bans Won’t Work

  1. This Illinois legislation attempt to ban high capacity magazines does not surprise me one bit! Like ALWAYS from the liberal left-wing Progressives (Communists) it is pointed towards the honest American citizens and not the criminals who NEVER abide by any laws and that is why they are the criminals. I have lived in the Chicago controlled state of Illinois most all my life and we are constantly fighting these political Communists from Chicago to keep our right to own guns and still fighting to get some form of concealed carry which we still do not have. So I knew that when a Progressive Chicago politician got in our White House that our gun rights were in MAJOR jeopardy! I work at the left-wing college at Illinois State University and our Superintendent is a typical Chicagoan 2nd Amendment hater. I have been told by this Superintendent and her ex-boyfriend the Deputy Director that I can not even say the word “gun” at work because it might bring fear on someone. These leaders are so anti-American that they are demonizing the conservative Americans in the guise that it may “offend” the liberal left who hates our Constitution and American Heritage. Our country is in a cultural war and cultural Communism is winning!!!

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