More Ward 4 video-Buragas

By:  Diane Benjamin

I will be posting videos from other candidates.  The views expressed Tuesday night at the Ward 4 forum by Amelia Buragas need to be heard by Ward 4 residents.  Finding a replacement for Alderwoman Judy Stearns who will fight for the citizens is vital to stop spending and tax increases.  Buragas is capable of buying the election if the voters are uninformed.  She will also have support from Wesleyan because Mayor Renner will line up students to vote for her.   Ward 4 residents need to select their alderman based on facts, I’m just providing them.  If you know people in ward 4, please share this information with them, yesterday’s post too:

The question asked for this video is in 2 parts.  Which current alderman are your views most closely aligned with and what is the role of an alderman.  Judy Stearns was not in her answer.


This video reflects Amelia’s views on the future of downtown Bloomington.  She believes the Route 66 Visitor’s Bureau will attract 30,000 people a year to downtown.  More “if we build it they will come” from government.


Why does the City of Bloomington have deficit spending?




4 thoughts on “More Ward 4 video-Buragas

  1. “Build it and they will come” and when they don’t blame it on the “they.” Never admit that you are wrong, never admit that a mistake was made, just keep on with the movie mentality quips, “Field of Dreams.” No wonder.


  2. “Right now, they don’t have enough people in the public works dept. to make sure the trash is being picked up.” says Amelia. First time I heard that. Is there any truth to that comment or is she just being a drama queen?


  3. Trying to be objective, just watched these Burgaras vids for the first time. She has a decent presentation in speaking well but her talking points provide little thought, little analysis. Not much of a clue.


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