Ward 4 Buragas & Frank

By:  Diane Benjamin

The candidates were asked a question, then they were given time to write a response.  So Ward 4 voters can make up their own minds, I think I will clip responses for all the candidates.  That will cut a lot of time off the video as candidates were given time to write their response before answering.

The video of the entire forum is available here:  

Here’s a couple more clips you MUST see if you are a Ward 4 voter:

The question was:  Rate the Coliseum Management on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.  Below is Chip Frank answer.  He obviously doesn’t know the auditor’s report shows very different information than CIAM reports.  He must not know concession information is unavailable for inspection and there is no proof the City is getting their share.  He must not know that CIAM’s management is not full-time as required by the contract.


Amelia Buragas – the City needs more employees:


The candidates were asked if they supported the referendum last year to raise the Sales Tax for schools.  4 candidates opposed it.  Only Amelia supported it.  Her logic means she didn’t research the issue.  Voters did and soundly rejected the Tax increase.  This is a MUST see response:


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