Public Housing for Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, government is laying the bricks.

The elected claim it’s compassionate to provide food stamps, housing, earned income tax credits, energy assistance, healthcare, free phones, etc to low income people.  But the freebies are yanked if income increases, all incentives to a better life are removed.  Personal responsibility is immaterial.  People are permanently locked in the lower class, they become slaves to government handouts.  Worse, government uses your money to accomplish their compassion, redistribution of your wealth.

Why are generations locked in poverty?  Why was the family destroyed?  The reasons are obvious to everybody but government.

The City of Bloomington is now encouraging this slavery.  Last year they hired the National Development Council for $5000 a month to advise – no explanation what they advise on has ever been given.  Shortly thereafter Brinshore Development appears with millions in State money and buys 26 supposedly abandoned and distressed homes.  See the properties list here, many don’t seem to qualify as abandoned or distressed:   That’s your tax dollars from the state that can’t pay its bills.  Very compassionate.

Last night the Bloomington Council discussed how to spend more of your money, this time from the Feds.   Brinshore appeared again wanting to build affordable housing, but they need the sewers replaced first.

Who qualifies for public housing?  Alderwoman Stearns asked about qualifications.  Start watching the video at 1:07:57:

The average income for a family of 4 in McLean County is $83,600.  Actually, new numbers were released that are slightly higher, but the speaker didn’t have those available.

Extremely low income is below 30%, low income is 30-50%, moderate income is 50-80% of $83,600.  All qualify for housing assistance.

For singles she gave ranges:  extremely low is below $17,150, low income $17,151-$28,600, moderate $28,601-$44,750.  All are eligible for the program.

The speaker mentioned they concentrate their efforts on low to moderate income.  Many people probably didn’t realize they would qualify under these numbers.  You too can be a government slave, the only thing missing is more public housing units.  Don’t worry, Brinshore is on it.

One more thing you can’t miss . . .

Alderman Black’s snarky comments after Alderwoman Stearns.  No Scott, Bloomington isn’t building public housing – the City is creating conditions that encourage it.





2 thoughts on “Public Housing for Bloomington

  1. Unfortunately the reasons aren’t obvious to everybody but government. There are plenty of people oblivious to the causes of these problems.


  2. I once knew someone who worked at the local YMCA and lived across the street in the housing there. Not Woodhill Towers but the small group of housing east of Woodhill.

    They used to work at Eureka Williams and after they closed they were out of a job and couldn’t find anything. Whether that is true, unable to find a full time job I don’t really know.

    One day I asked them why don’t you find a full time job. Oh no they couldn’t do that. If they did they would be earning more and they would have to move out of the housing.

    To me it appears there was no incentive to leave. The government probably provided nearly free housing so why bother or improve their living arrangements or even find a better job.

    I was up in WI for a job and I had a studio apartment in a nice building and not government housing. One day I saw this posting put up that they had several apartments open and if you “qualified” you could rent at some significantly reduced rental. The government, not sure which one WI or federal was picking up the tab so to speak. I thought well it must be nice. I wish someone would do that for me.

    I know there are people who need housing and I understand that but I see the government as the reason why people had no incentive to move off of it.


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