Update:  See this story:

By:  Diane Benjamin

My first lawsuit against the City of Bloomington is now over – they finally paid what the judge ordered.  I wonder how Tari felt signing the check?  Is he admitting transparency only matters when he wants things transparent?  Probably not.

Maybe Tari can take a lesson from Hillary Clinton.  Of course, the rich and powerful are never held accountable for breaking the law, but at least the press has made clear that government documents belong to the people.  In order to withhold anything from the people paying for the government, laws have to be followed.  Very little is considered exempt since government isn’t spending their own money.  Obviously the judge agreed with me that documents were illegally withheld.

The City is still attempting to write their own Freedom of Information Act laws.  We may be back in court.

At least my address is right this time.

I wonder why this payment was not listed on Bills and Payroll approved by the Council?  Much smaller amounts are listed, so why not this one?


3 thoughts on “Lawsuit: OVER UPDATE!

  1. Advice for Mayor Tari

    The time is always right to do what’s right (MLK, 1964, Oberlin, Ohio).

    Tell the truth.

    Take responsibility for your own actions.

    Admit your mistakes (sooner than later).

    ‘The People’ know when you are lying (usually sooner than later).

    What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your grandchildren?


  2. FYI – when I click on the picture I can clearly read the bank account number. If I click on the title in my email there is a tag ‘try to read it now’ ….


    1. The bank id is visible but not the account #. But every check shows an account number, it’s not something that can be faked or everybody’s checks would be hacked .


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