Unit 5 and District 87 BURN your money

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe this story came out over a long weekend so you miss it.  The bird-cage liner REALLY blew the story!  Reason #24367 to not trust them or give them your money!

Back story:  A law was passed in 2005 to prevent school districts from fattening pensions of retiring educators.  The Chicago Tribune showed that many many school districts continue to hand out big raises to increase pensions.  Violating the law results in penalties being assessed against the school district – of course paid with your tax money.

The bird-cage liner did report that, using an Associated Press story.  They must just print stories without reading them.  A REAL journalist would have wondered if any local districts were assessed penalties.  More proof journalism at the paper no longer exists.

Here’s the link to the Chicago Tribune story:  http://tinyurl.com/mjwchzm

Total Penalties since law was passed:

McLean County USD 5                    $246,525.35
Bloomington SD 87 $100,168.85

Next time either district complains about money, remember these numbers.  Breaking the law and paying fines is preferred so large raises can be awarded and therefore larger pensions.

With fines like these, are they watching pennies anywhere?  Both can be trusted about as much as the Pantagraph.

Check the link for other districts, all the locals are on there.


6 thoughts on “Unit 5 and District 87 BURN your money

  1. Illinois State Board of Education Springfield $968,882.58
    Number of penalties paid: 80 Cost per educator: $12,111.03


  2. If they would fine and/or punish the individual perpetrators rather than the peoples’ purse, it would no longer be a problem.


  3. That’s not “since”, it’s per year. D5 annual penalties range between $100,000 to $300,000 annually. If you FOIA it, have them break it out by year, by employee. I’m curious how much the penalty was for Neihaus.


  4. I wonder where this shows up on the books/accounts. They have to be charging this off as some expense.

    What is need is a website to target school districts. Not that the taxpayers would care, but then if more is exposed maybe they would.


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