LaHood Hijinks

By:  Diane Benjamin

Darin LaHood was defeated when he ran for Peoria County State’s Attorney.  This editorial in the Peoria Journal Star calls LaHood’s campaign tactics “improper” and perhaps “unethical”.

LaHood went to the home of a young rape victim trying to get dirt on his opponent.  Nobody seems to know how he found out the victim’s name since that is never public information.

The editorial comes just short of chasing LaHood out of town because voters want “trustworthy” officeholders who “exercise good judgment”, and “play fair” and aren’t “beholden to any one group or class of citizens but to the basic administration of justice”.

That brings me to the Press Release sent June 10th claiming the Central Illinois Log Cabin Republicans are supporting Mike Flynn.

The group doesn’t exist, so it’s another campaign dirty trick.  The goal with this one isn’t apparent.  Is LaHood anti-gay?   Did he think painting Flynn as getting gay support would win votes for himself?  Flynn had no reason to send it, so it had to come from either LaHood or a supporter of his.

Who has a history of dirty campaign tricks?

The Primary election is July 7th.

Given the LaHood history, expect more hijinks in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “LaHood Hijinks

  1. LaHood’s TV ad also strikes me as deceptive — particularly with the reference to his record — as if he really has any record of note. Serving opposite a super-majority and doing nothing successfully or other than for his own resume’?


  2. Right, going to fight special interests and lobbyist. Sure thing until LaHood sees the money. He’s a joke. Just another want a be career politician.


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