Bloomington: Developer gets freebies

By:  Diane Benjamin

Attn:  Budget Task Force

It is estimated McLean County Land Trust CC-1 currently owes the City  $562,194.78 in development fees.  Page 167


From the packet APRIL 14, 2014

The parties are working together in good faith to resolve their differences, and believe that they should be able to resolve some or all of their differences in six (6) months.

The agreement wasn’t resolved in 6 months, it was extended by the Council again January 12, 2015 and June 8, 2015.

Don’t expect the Budget Task Force to demand Synder pay the bill – one of their guys is on the committee!

The Snyder Companies, a family owned and operated business founded in 1906, continues it’s mission to diversify their portfolio holdings and invest in the Midwest. Founder, Jack Snyder, began developing land at age 18 with the opening of two A & W Root Beer Stands. The Snyder Companies are currently owned by son Stephen Snyder, President; Charles Farner, Executive-Vice President; Dave Fedor, Chief Financial Officer; and Ron Powell, Executive-Vice President.

Guess who is charged with enforcing all contracts for the City?  DAVID HALES

I.     It shall be the duty of the Manager to see to it that all terms of any contract to which the City is a party are fully performed by all parties thereto.

Moral of the story:

When the Budget Task Force reports in September that taxes must be raised, remember paying what is owed is only for the little people.  Friends of government are NEVER held accountable for their debts.

Maybe David Hales will get another huge raise, NOT performing his duties has been rewarded in the past.

One more note:

Documentation claims this amount has been due since 1994.  Anybody remember Tom Hamilton? The agreement would have expired after 20 years if the Council didn’t keep extending it.  Documents also say some items are still not complete at Fox Creek.

If the City refuses to file a lawsuit against Synder, maybe the citizens should file against Synder and the City.

Rumor has it the City wants Synder to create a park instead of paying.  Remember that when your taxes go up.



14 thoughts on “Bloomington: Developer gets freebies

  1. The Council sure has a lot of nerve raising taxes when they have neglected to collect past due taxes. I wonder how many other deadbeats owe past due taxes? I think I will do a FOIA Request, and obtain that info. I am in favor of filing suit and am willing to help contribute. Is anyone else willing to do the same?


    1. Their attorney is one of the best corporate attorneys in the state. If Snyder has dragged this out for more that 20 years, there would need to be a rather large fund for a law suit.


      1. That might be the case, but corporate attorneys are not litigators. If there was enough people willing to donate money to file suit to compel them to pay, Snyder might just pony up the money to avoid the negative publicity, cost of defending themselves, and any additional cost and penalties imposed by the court. Just throwing up your hands and saying “they have a great corporate attorney ” is not answer. That’s giving in and allowing Snyder and Hales to get away with it. The facts are pretty clear, they owe the City money and are in arrears. Pay Up. We should also be maximizing pressure on our City Manager and Mayor to explain WHY the city continues to do business with these people. Of course we all know why, but we need to get them on the public record stating why when Snyder has neglected to pay up. We need to question relationships also. Maximize pressure through email and Public Comment.


      2. Kevin, I’m not throwing up my hands; just making a statement. I have presented this continued misbehavior by numerous developers at several Council meetings during the past year. This time it happened to be presented when the Edgar County Watchdogs were there defending public comment.


      3. Donna, I know you have made several fine presentations before the Council, but what you have presented has fallen on deaf ears. Simply said, they don’t care and would rather stall and do nothing and preserve the good ole boy relationship with Snyder. The only recourse would be pursue this in court or take this to a government agency if we could prove official misconduct or theft . Both are problematic, but not impossible if we had an attorney willing to work with on this at a reasonable rate or pro bono, and if we had enough of us to help chip in to differ any cost. The facts are the facts-they owe the money, and the point I was making was that regardless of their Clarence Darrow, we should hold our city officials accountable for collecting all monies owed to the city-period. Furthermore, if they fail to do their job, then we need force them to do their job. I’ll be damned if I’m going to accept yet another tax increase when the city lets companies like Snyder fail to pay fees, or hotels like Jumers Chateau get away without paying their taxes. FYI, I did file a FOIA today asking for a complete listing for all businesses with past due balances over 365 days re: taxes, fees, fines. This should be interesting. stay tuned.


    2. I’m willing to share in the expense for an attorney. It would be cheaper than all the time, effort and aggravation I have already expended.


  2. I live in Fox Creek, I’m interested to know what is not complete. Can I find that information online anywhere? Thanks.


    1. From the June 9th Background Packet: “FINANCIAL IMPACT: It is estimated McLean County Land Trust CC-1 currently owes the City $562,194.78 in development fees. There are other ‘punch list’ items that are covered by this agreement that have not yet been estimated.”
      The packets from April 14, 2014 and January 12, 2015 clarify some of what is on the “punch list.” Developments/subdivisions are to be built according to the Chapter 24 Ordinances, which can be found on under City Codes & Ordinances. Before the City will accept the subdivision for maintenance and release the posted bond from the developer, said requirements must be completed. There are specific monetary fines that can be levied for incentive to comply, but have not been.
      Release of additional details from the “punch list” have to be approved by the city attorney so I’ve been told. (I’ve gathered much of this information over the past year due to similar issues in my neighborhood.)
      BTW, a “signature” of Snyder’s previous developments is they don’t have sidewalks. And, Snyder is not the only developer who owes the City money.


  3. Hales is failing to “see to it that all terms of any contract to which the City is a party are fully performed by all parties thereto” relating to CIAM as well.


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