UPDATE Spending leftovers


The packet is labeled Consent Agenda, it was on the regular agenda.

The presentation made a good case for buying it.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Page 170 of the packet:  Packet 2-8-16

pumperLeftover money must be spent!

Hales and Renner  compartmentalized spending on purpose.  Hence, this compartment got too much, so it’s free money!

Buying a fire truck is on the Consent Agenda on purpose.  No need to discuss putting it back in the general fund to close the deficit.

They probably created an ordinance forbidding it anyway.

It only a measly $683,800.

Celebrate now.

Oops, forgot.  You can’t, the City stole all your money.



5 thoughts on “UPDATE Spending leftovers

  1. Is there even the tiniest morsel of fiscal responsibility with these two idiots?

    People…get a clue! Anarchy is soooooo much cheaper than these guys.


  2. I agree with buying a new fire truck. It is a matter of public safety. As we are the public I would think we all have an interest to make sure our city is safe from fires. I’m sure your opinion on this purchase would be reversed if it was YOUR house that burned to the ground.


    1. Cindy, spending on safety is always appropriate. The original agenda was revised at the last minute. The main point of the above post is how the council never uses it’s authority to amend the budget to reduce spending if there is a “surplus.”


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