Redistributing your wealth!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Taxes are theft!

Public officials who don’t understand this need to be kicked out of office.  Your wallet is not their playground!

Cities created a social compact with citizens to do what citizens can’t do on their own.  Think streets, sewer, fire protection, and police.  Citizens volunteered part of their wealth for a common good.

Citizens have never agreed to hand money over to government for social experiments, Quality of Life, or for funding ideology.

Any taxation above essential services should be criminal!

When most citizens don’t vote in local elections – the elected get to run wild at your expense.  Normal allowed Koos to bury them in debt.  Bloomington allowed Renner and cronies to massively increase the cost of government.

The below should make you

MORE than angry!


You work hard to earn the money you have,

then government squanders it on pet projects.

It’s much worse however when

those pet projects redistribute it to

LEFT WING MEDIA and call it

Community Engagement!



See this link:  Page 8

All the yellow highlighted organizations would not exist without tax dollars.  You are being robbed to fund far left leaning media where the general manager is also a member of the Normal Town Council.  Note:  WGLT are calling these “underwriters” and claiming they “contributed significantly”.   WGLT isn’t allowed to sell advertising – they are part of National Public Radio and are therefore prohibited!



What do they get for significant contributions?

Redistribution of your wealth!



Some of these had the audacity to raise your taxes!

Planning to do some “community organizing” to get out the vote?

If not, why?

Black Lives Matter and the Soccer people are!  Why not the people forced to pay the bills?






6 thoughts on “Redistributing your wealth!

  1. FIY, the firm of Sulaski and Webb CPA, which performed the audit of WGLT displayed in a previous BLNNEWS posting, was also a long-time underwriter of the station but is not included in the above list.


  2. For most of the yellow highlighted entities, they have purchased what would normally be ads to promote their events. You have not for profits purchasing ads from another not for profit. Wherein lies the problem?


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