How much money have the Huff’s received?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Huff’s own various properties in downtown Bloomington, including Ensenberger’s and the Front and Center building.

I filed a FOIA request for how much downtown TIF money was paid to the Huff’s or for their benefit.

This is what I received:

$728,000 paid to CEFCU

$1,500,000 paid to Ensenbergers Condominiums LLC

That’s a total of $2,228,000

With all the entries crossed off on this FOIA, I filed another FOIA for any money given to them NOT related to the TIF.

The answer was none.

I just report – your decide.

TIF money is generated by an increase in property taxes collected in the TIF district.  The increase is supposedly because of property improvements.

The City gets to keep the TIF money for use in the TIF district, it is not shared with the other taxing bodies unless prior arrangements have been made to do so.






One thought on “How much money have the Huff’s received?

  1. Just ANOTHER reason to dump RENNER and his “Gang of thieves” in the NEXT election!!
    Show THIS to ALL your Renner supporters and transparency people!!!


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