Renner Flashback

By:  Diane Benjamin

Watch this REALLY short video:

HyVee is in a strip mall

Renner created a TIF for the old K-Mart Plaza strip mall


GreenTop Grocery is in a strip mall.

The old GE Plant may be turned into a strip mall

Eastland Mall is dying


Renner learned from the US Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities that strip malls are dead and the future is downtown.

Yes Tari, Bloomington needs good data!

Bloomington also needs a mayor that has some.

6 thoughts on “Renner Flashback

  1. GE Shopping Mall??? Here comes the competition to Empire Crossing and increased competition to Eastland Mall. More minimum wage service/retail jobs which will do very little to grow the economy. More tax rebates during a recession. Brilliant!!


  2. EVERYBODY says, that strip malls are DEAD?? I get a bad feeling about a study or a CONSULTANT or some kind of costly thing that tells me HE CAN’T PROCESS DATA!


  3. Awfully ironic that on the same day GE building being turned into mall,Eastland loses another two stores! You’d think people would get the hint that box stores are no longer needed.


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