Is this America?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Do elections matter?

Do laws matter?

Does TRUTH matter?

The LOCAL Democrat party is attempting to create their own TEA Party and training people to #Resist the Trump and Rauner agenda.  (Evidently the Illinois death spiral is acceptable)  They are using a 26 page document that wasn’t created locally to do it.

See it HERE

The TEA Party never had a manual, just a demand for Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.  The Democrat manual is filled with lies about the TEA Party, real grassroot Americans will easily see them and the rest believe the media narratives where TRUTH doesn’t matter.

All this document does is further divide the country.

Is this the country you want your kids to grow up in?

The Laborers Local 362 Hall, 2012 Fox Creek Road, Bloomington is holding another training session on Feb 2nd.  If you like the Democrat’s plans, go get trained.

This effort will fail just like the Coffee Party and Occupy Wall Street did.

It isn’t who Americans are.  Elected officials will never have town-hall meetings again.  Why should they when having a discussion is impossible.

By the way, republicans quit having town-halls when TEA Party members wanted answers too.

Somebody should be asking if America is worth saving and how do we do it.  Neither party is acting like they care.




19 thoughts on “Is this America?

  1. Great! Another local(?) terrorist group to join Black Lives Matter, Not In Our Town, and Bike BloNo. And to answer your question–sadly, it’s probably beyond saving.


  2. Typical Communist style propaganda. Wow, what bull crap! Outright lies. It’s too bad that any local labor unions would condone this agenda but they are an arm of the socialist/demoncratic party. What shame. Any old veteran’s, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc., that are members are sickened most likely but once union stewardship supports an ideal, either the rank and file support it or they don’t work. Yeah, it’s a shadowy organizational tool for sure.


  3. Lets think back about eight years ago. Fact,(Diane likes facts) on the same day as Obama’s Inauguration,the Koch Bros and other Republican money people met in Phoenix, Arizona. They came up with a plan to fund Senators and Representatives on the Republican side to insure control of the things Obama could do until the Republicans could take over. Anyone ever heard of “The Tea Party?” Did anyone ever wonder where a lot of their money came from?

    In other words what we are seeing today is the Democrat’s answer to that. Is it right, nope.
    But having money people in total control isn’t right ether.


    1. Facts Matter! The Koch brothers funded Americans For Prosperity. The TEA Party was never funded except on the local level. We had no National leadership and no national funding. The TEA Party fought for the Constitution, this group fights for Democrat control. Which are you fighting for?


  4. Local labor unions do as they are told. Pass it down to their minions. Any question of authority, any curiosity is not allowed. Independent thought, any grasp of how they got here no longer exists. The socialistic model has swallowed them whole.


  5. Oh, this is too good! A group directly opposed to Trump’s agenda is causing the Tea Party stalwarts to coil in revulsion–either totally ignoring or being willfully dismissive of their own influence for such a movement. The Tea Party has never owned the Constitution, it has never owned loving one’s country, it has never owned responsible government, the Tea Party has never owned dissent. Everyone should be peaceful. Pat yourself on the back! Nothing like having people who care about their government. This is America.


    1. “Everyone should be peaceful.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Unfortunately however much of the George Soros led opposition has not been peaceful but violent and encourages more violence. In addition if you had any real comprehension of the Constitution you would not support the Communist/Socialist agenda of which attempt to totally destroy the Constituional values of this Republic.


      1. The Constitution is the most defiled document probably behind the Bible in this country. Anyone will twist it to justify their aims. Socialist/Communist, Fascist/Reactionary, its all name calling at this point with no real value other than to paint either side as the enemy. There are how-to documents all over the web and in every political sub-text. I can’t stand the ridiculousness when Trump could be actually be helping people. Instead it’s this broken record because his ego is damaged and he has this insane preoccupation to be worshipped. Come on man! Get those infrastructure projects going! Get some people to work! Pat yourself on your back all you want about keeping terrorists out, but it doesn’t mean anything without jobs and taking care of the little guy!


  6. This manual is written by former Obama staffers. They recently lost their job. Obama’a claim to fame prior to being elected President was as a political activist with radical ties from the South Side of Chicago. Yes, he taught law at UofC, Yes, he was a one-term Senator of Illinois. But, he had no voting record to speak of before his presidential election. His message was anti-business–businesses being the driver of economic growth. What I found interesting and at the same time disturbing about this booklet is the “win/lose” narrative and the specific use of the name of a sitting president as the target. Additionally, why would anyone need a “how to” manual to participate within a representative government if they studied history and civics in school?
    The group’s “indivisible” Facebook page shows a photo of the Planned Parenthood demonstration in downtown Bloomington. I don’t recall any discussions conducted prior to or during their protest. How can they claim inclusiveness? I say to them’ “Have at it!! You may learn that the US government is the best government in the world.”


  7. This whole anti-Trump thing I think is getting out of hand. Now I see where more marches are planned. Do they expect to do this for 4 years or what? It’s going to old mighty fast. Anymore myself I just ignore it. Sometimes I think it is hilarious.


    1. This “movement” is nothing new but rather history repeating itself. If one has lived long enough and has an interest in history and politics it’s like watching re-runs on the cable channels.


  8. Reading this manifesto I have come to the conclusion that all are unemployed people. You cant do all this and not have a real job!


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