Kimberly Bray did file – Update


Candidates have to file a Statement of Economic to run for office.  If they are elected they are required to re-file.  Bray may not have re-filed and that’s why the County doesn’t have it.


By:  Diane Benjamin

A confirmation that Kimberly Bray’s Statement of Economic Interest was filed was found by Bruce Meeks.  He downloaded all the information filed with the Bloomington Election Commission for last April’s election.  It is no longer available on   The confirmation has the County Clerk’s stamp on it, so she did file even though I do not have a copy of what was filed yet.  I have not received an answer as to why it isn’t on the County website.

Candidates can not be on the ballot without submitting the Statement of Economic Interest.  If the others didn’t file, the question is why were they allowed on the ballot?  All people required to file must re-file every year since it is subject to change.

Bruce has copies of all the other filings.  The rest of the information is this story still stands:

See Bray’s statement confirmation HERE

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