Today’s hearing for Mikey Cadena

By:  Diane Benjamin

One thing everyone must realize is the Cadena-Buck case is not about custody.  It’s about protecting Mikey.

Mikey’s dad alleges the McLean County courts have not given the safety of Mikey a fair hearing.  His mom went from being charged with 5 Class X felonies and endangering a child to probation and being declared a fit mother while still on probation.   There are questions pertaining to the documents presented to the judge at the time to get that “fit mother” status.  Her then boyfriend is in jail until next year for cooking meth in their house.  Mikey was a traumatized battered little boy when his dad fled with him to Massachusetts, I’ve got the pictures and police reports.  Mikey has been receiving therapy and counseling and tons of love from his dad and grandmother.

Today it looks to me like Judge Hill is writing her own law.  The mom’s lawyer wanted Michael Cardena declared in direct criminal contempt.  Her side presented court cases justifying the action, his side rebuked those cases.  Judge Hill stated she had done research on her own and couldn’t find a case where anyone was found in criminal direct contempt for just not showing up in court.

Maybe Judge Hill should read this article:

Quote:  In an adversarial system, judges should not combine the role of advocate, witness and judge.

Today Judge Hill set another court date for August 8th and if Michael Cardena doesn’t appear (which he won’t), then she is going to find him in criminal direct contempt.  She thinks she can then issue an arrest order.

Meanwhile, the Appellate Court in Massachusetts now has the case, Judge Hill knows that.  This is turning into an epic battle over a four-year old boy who deserves to be safe.  His mom has a long history.  You can look it up yourself here: 

Last name:  Buck

First name:  Amber

Stay tuned.











3 thoughts on “Today’s hearing for Mikey Cadena

  1. Gotta luv Hill’s comment saying “I believe…….. blah blah blah”. What do you mean by believe? Judges never cease to amaze me.
    What this sounds like now is this has turned into a p***ing match between a McLean County judge and a judge in another state.


  2. I am truly trying to understand this case. I am trying to stay unbiased and not go off of my gut. So please excuse me if my questions seem rude or judgemental. With more information I will hopefully see the bigger picture.

    The judge stated she researched direct criminal contempt. How is this unethical? I get the angle you’re using, however, I am not seeing unethical behaviour in that type of research. Am I missing vital information?

    I keep seeing how corrupt Illinois government/courts are. I do not agree nor disagree on this. My questions are these..
    1. The child was removed by DCFS and ultimately/eventually placed with the father? A judge made this decision and ruled in favor of the father. (No corruption) .. The same DCFS and judicial branch awarded the mother her rights back to the child. Then the mother was granted custody back. (Obvious Corruption).
    Father (admittedly) has a not so squeaky clean background. Father determined his son was worth turning his life around and became a better, clean citizen. (This is fantastic! I love seeing a parent choose their child!!).
    Mother, also, has a not so clean background. It takes Mom a bit longer to clean it up and get back on the right track.. But thus far has passed drug drops for probation, attended classes and counseling successfully, etc. (Its got to be corruption and covered lies).

    2. I’ve read where you have police reports on the class X felony charges, child abuse, have pictures as proof. Where my issue is.. How can some departments be corrupt and some not corrupt. Its splitting hairs. If you do enough research on drug busts, especially major drug busts, you typically see where anyone within the home is charged with the same charges. These are used as bargaining chips to get testimony against the “Bigger Fish”. I’ve personally seen this numerous times on many, many cases. Even people whom were not directly involved with the illegal activity, just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, get the same charges as the actual perpetrator.. why? Bargaining! So it is not out of the norm for this to occur.

    Dad got custody granted in the state of Illinois. Jurisdiction is set in Illinois. Leaving the state and filing in a stage that has no jurisdiction is frowned upon for a reason.
    I commend Dad for putting that boy into counseling. Huge props! Best thing for him hands down.
    On the flip side.. all the recommendations for Mom to come to his state and have supervised visits, to gradually introduce the child to being exposed to Mom again.. all sound amazing and perfect to eliminate unnecessary trauma. But the same could go to the father. Where is the middle ground? Where is the ultimate sacrifice of truly putting Mikey first! I’m not seeing it in either party.

    I am certain you see where I am going with this. Splitting hairs, blaming corruption on parts of the system but not if its valuable to fit the picture you’re painting.

    So I ask, please help me understand.

    P.S. I’m only to the July blog. I may come across something that shows me all the above and delete this entire post. I am simply trying to understand.
    I appreciate your time and patience with me.


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