Nikita really doesn’t want the job!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Nikita’s website:

Read through the whole website, it’s obvious who was a contributing copy writer!

Who claimed the Clerk shouldn’t be counting their own votes?  (Like they do)

Tari Renner!  

One of Nikita’s goals – in her own words – is to take elections away from the County Clerk and create a county wide commission

How much of a pay cut is she willing to take if that happens?


Why do Democrats want to take elections out of the hands of voters?  That commission would be appointed insiders with no accountability to citizens!  The Clerk is elected and can be fired by voters.  Commission members can’t.  The commission would be just as non-partisan as the City Councils are.  Hint:  Declaring anything non-partisan is merely a way to hide political affiliations from voters.

Obviously Democrats think they know better than you.  They want control.  They know the “Right Fit” for you.  They don’t want you to have a voice in your government – especially elections.

Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

Keep reading at the link above.  Even though Nikita wants to buy all new voting equipment and set up early voting locations out in the country, she claims to be a fiscal conservative.

(Eventually you need to stop laughing)





13 thoughts on “Nikita really doesn’t want the job!

  1. Does this Nikita person even understand the duties and responsibilities of the office that she is seeking? Is she is being consulted by the the two local imminent Democratic political scientists ? If so, I am glad that the two of them don’t work NASA, it would appear that neither one of them is a rocket scientist.
    Are there going to be charter buses with tinted windows coming down here from Chicago on election day ? Connect Transit?
    As an aside who is/was Lawrence Irving alluded to on her site? Never heard of him.


  2. There is an underlying motive in Nikita’s campaign. The Democrats want this office bad. It’s the place where they can do the most damage and get their people elected in the future races. Nikita is just the puppet to get it done.


  3. Our Voting Machines were the type Russia hacked according to the Intelligence Agencies. You are aware Illinois was one of the States Hacked in 2016?


  4. Voting machines are self contained.
    On ANOTHER note, after reading that website. WHO ate a crayon and crapped that garbage out? That is about the WORST copy for a website I have ever read. Heck, the National Enquirer has better writing then that. And voters from the west side to the whole county? WHAT, is she going to circle the globe with her dominance? IF she wants to be all inclusive, she’s ALREADY blown it. That’s the problem with BAD COPY.. It’s JUST THAT! And rarely proofread! But that photo of her and Tari who looks stoned ought to be THEIR campaign poster!

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    1. Thank you Townie for pointing that out… OMG…. this is someone who has a Master’s Degree?

      “As the Employment Coordinator, I lead, coordinate, and manage the city’s recruitment, selection and onboarding processes, and assist departments with filling openings for existing positions which includes writing job descriptions for new positions.”

      “Throughout my 15 years in McLean County, it has been a pleasure to serve on numerous boards and commissions. From managing and assisting the Bloomington Police & Fire Commission; serving on the Bloomington Cultural District Commission; advocating for diversity and social justice; to standing up for our neighbors with disabilities. Service has been at the core of my existence and I look forward to extending this life of service as your new McLean County Clerk on November 6, 2018!”

      You tell me this is the sentence structure and the grammar of someone who has a Master’s Degree and is also a certified legal secretary?


  5. Thanks L! AND besides bad copy, she’s going to have “Monthly open houses” THAT in itself should be read “Danger Will Robinson” She SHOULD have her door open ALL the time to ANYONE regardless of race, creed, color, disabilities or planet of origin.
    When I travel and see the term “open house” That just tells me that the doors are shut the rest of the time, and last time I looked MOST doors are NOT transparent. See Tari campaign promises for reference. Even backwards this is bad copy. Heck, even partying rock stars can cut a record that makes sense backwards!
    As an aside, I’ve been trained to have amazing powers of observation (and that’s how I noticed). ANYONE else notice the cooler on the left of the photo? What’s in it, and did WE buy that too? Could explain Taris “look”.


  6. Nikita is the product of being recruited and groomed by Renner. Note all of the City’s Commissions she was appointed to. She was recruited and groomed at the Democrat’s bootcamp. She is merely a product.


  7. I forget where, but Nikita said somewhere that she would bring ‘an integrity’ to the office. She didn’t say ‘integrity’ but rather ‘an integrity’, because that is exactly what she meant. According to an officially authorized poster at ISU, the leftist version of integrity is completely about being true to oneself; any aspect of honesty, fairness, consideration to others, etc, is only coincidental or tangential, ie they only matter if they matter to you. Thus the ‘an integrity’ she brings is being true to her goals of expanding her political power and that of her compatriots; she clearly has no ‘integrity’ with regards to honesty or Truly caring about others…

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