Cadena – Buck emails you haven’t seen

By:  Diane Benjamin

Amber Buck’s parents were in the courtroom at last weeks hearing where Judge Hill issued an arrest warrant for Michael.

If they had cared more when their daughter was cooking meth and allowing Mikey to be abused, his dad never would have fled to Massachusetts.

See this email:

Note the date:  March 5th, 2016

This is from Michael Cadena to Amber’s father.  The name of Amber’s other child has been redacted.

Now see Richard Buck’s response on March 8th

Richard Buck totally ignores the meth issues and blames lawyers.  

On March 28th (3 weeks later!) the police raid Amber and Colin’s home, see the police report:   2016-03-30 – meth manufacturing charges Bloomington Police and US Marshals

Now see this email from February 3, 2017, shortly before Michael fled to Massachusetts:    Richard Buck email

Rose is Amber’s mother.  Richard Buck uses his wife’s brother-in-laws status as a Federal Judge to threaten Michael.

Richard is still blaming attorney’s, thinks Amber and Michael can get back to together, and at the end – move to Colorado and get stinking rich together.
One more thing – the quote below is from a court transcript from November 14, 2017.  Judge Hill is presiding.  Michael’s attorney is questioning Amber Buck when the judge stops her from referring to Amber as convicted.  Hill claims the sentence for what Amber’s boyfriend was convicted of would be 6 years.  Colin Dameron got 3 years.

This whole case makes no sense.  Amber basically got off of meth charges, nobody was ever charged with child abuse or endangering the life of children, and the guy who was prosecuted for meth manufacturing only got three years in jail.

Michael Cadena moved to Massachusetts for no reason other than to protect his son.  This week he may be in jail because of it.


31 thoughts on “Cadena – Buck emails you haven’t seen

  1. Interesting. In the email dated February 3rd it references Mike’s “good friend George”. This wouldn’t happen to be George Sheldon the DCFS director at the time, would it? Is that how he got the child back out of foster care? By placing a favor in with a friend? Very interesting. Thank you for posting this Diane. More intriguing look into the said “corruption” of this case.


  2. Oh “Thomas”, you are so obvious it’s ridiculous. Public opinion not in the favor of your client anymore so you have to try and come up with accusations to sway them against the father? Good luck with that. Thank you, Diane, for exposing the actual truth in this case verses rumor. We can now see where the true “corruption” lies.

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  3. Are you implying you believe I am smart enough to make it through law school? Why thank you, thank you very much.

    Jill- I am not sure why you think the public opinion matters in a custody case? You think if people are “outraged” enough then the Judge is going to sway her decisions to please the public? Yeah, I don’t think so. What truth do you think has been exposed? Diane released emails between dad and his baby momma’s father? Which shows they had a good relationship- which does not match what he claims- “Cadena’s lawyer, Adele Saaf, argued that Cadena’s departure with the child followed alleged threats toward him by Buck’s father and her acquaintances.” (from the recent Pantagraph article.) So weeks before he leaves Richard Buck is telling the dad he loves him like a son? But yet that caused the dad to feel so threatened he had to leave the state?

    Sorry I am not drinking the kool-aid. This dad is like a modern day Jim Jones.


      1. I know that’s what you/Dad want people to believe. However, that just doesn’t seem to be the case here. The court in MA did not accept the majority of Dad’s “evidence”. His words, not mine. So now we have 2 courts, in 2 states, who don’t believe what Dad is selling. Seems pretty interesting. His attempt to have his local media or any national media pick the story up- failed (documented on his facebook page he created since losing custody). He has reached out to many state representatives (in both states) without avail. These are all red flags. His story is constantly shifting. His spoke person Lisa is a good example- I’m not sure if he is feeding her the story or if she is just making it up as she goes along.

        Speaking of Lisa… she has been representing herself as a “non-bias” reporter who is just investigating McLean County and this case (her words in News Happening page). A quick google (and facebook) search shows that isn’t true. A “non-bias reporter” does not start a fundraiser for one of the parties she is reporting on. Google shows a funded justice fundraiser started by the same Lisa who is spamming the News Happening Page.

        Why the misrepresentation Lisa? Another facebook search shows her commenting on pictures of the dad- “I remember this rebel look 😉 ” (this comment was within the last 60 days). Its all quite interesting. She jumps from page to page, post to post to defend Dad’s honor. But, why?

        And the plot thickens…


    1. In what world do you get not to appear in court repeatedly? You don’t. That doesn’t make the father look good at all. That’s why he has an warrant out for his arrest. If there is a question of abuse, then bring it to the court in Illinois. The father isn’t bringing any of this this state, so you have discount most of the “evidence” he passing off as facts, included abuse charges.


  4. Excellent job at redacting the kid’s names from the police report. You are sinking to a whole new level of low with these articles, Diane.


  5. Prayers for Mikey, this whole mess just break’s my heart. Are there any statement’s from Amber about this or she she not saying anything.


  6. Hey TB…if you are going to accuse me of something , do it as yourself and not a fake name on a blog. First, I’m not a “spokesperson” for Mike or Help Us Save Mikey. I have always said I was a childhood friend of Mike’s and was asked to look into his case because of my background. Since you are so well versed in what is written on Facebook, I would expect you would have read those responses as well when people asked me directly how I was connected. Or do you only pick and chose what comments favor your view and accusations? I can’t help if the story got more interesting as I researched and so I decided to investigate the county instead. The judicial system in that county is significantly flawed. There is a reason they have been sued successfully due to negligence in major cases. Is that the case here as well? Maybe. But that’s my personal opinion. The more Diane uncovers, the more I believe it. While you are a sharp attorney, you are not well educated in media or public influence. While the community seems to be rallying around the Dad and it may not sway the Judge , they can however engage other political parties, etc. The case of Pravin Varughese is a great example. Public outcry forced the hand of Jackson County.
    For someone with a background in law, you seem keen on standard communication tactics to deflect , blame and deny that often PR reps use when trying to divert negative attention from their clients. Distract…distract…attack the accuser…introduce alternative theories or accusations. Very textbook. Evidence doesn’t lie. People do. Looks like Diane is doing a great job proving that. Perhaps you should place focus back on your case and less on questioning her integrity or what I am doing.

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  7. A bit concened that one of the attorneys is even commenting on this case. Court case is sealed but yet here are posts using a fake name? I guess if Pantagraph allowed to report why isn’t this blogger? Public has a right to know. Seems “Thomas” wants only limited info out there.


  8. I find it interesting that Richard is saying the attorney are to blame in causing all the grief, yet it is RICHARD who keeps unleashing the hounds!


  9. On September 17 when Michael Cadena is sentenced to six months in jail for criminal contempt, I remind you how you haven’t been paying attention.


    1. It depends. Plus, that’s if he actually gets picked up by Weymouth ot Boston PD. It’s not even a misdemeanor, so likely they will only bring him into custody if he has a traffic stop, etc. That could take quite a while. If by some chance they do, you have to factor in that he will likely fight extradition. McLean County doesn’t have the finances to waste funds on an expensive extradition over a family custody case. For example, there are many criminal felony warrants in the system, yet, I was told that it was too expensive to extradite; thus, why they haven’t gone after the criminals. Something tells me if they pushed an expensive extradition for criminal contempt warrant in a custody case verses going after a dangerous felon on a rape or assault charge…your community would be OUTRAGED. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. In the meantime, we are still waiting to hear Massachusetts’ decision on the emergency stay.

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  10. As I said…never underestimate the power of pubic outcry. Just got word that a major state official is interested in Mike’s case and has asked to speak to his law firm for more details. Interesting…

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  11. If Evertone would get away from the biased and look st facts this would be simpler. Mr Caden’s was obviously there when his son needed him, his mom was not… why lock me cadena up??? Hes solid a man protecting his son nothing more honorable were humans we all know right and wrong give this man the credit he deserves

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    1. Having been through a (nasty) guardianship case I can tell you the court has no common sense but rather follows the laws enacted and made up by our so called representatives and their influences aka lawyers, agencies, etc. One reason why I would never be allowed to sit on a jury because I believe in jury nullification when common sense prevails.

      I doubt that the Mass. police will be busting down any doors and I hope they don’t.

      What we have here is a McLean County judge on a power urge. We the voters need to un-employ this judge if and when they run for the position again.

      It would appear Mr. Cadena is the best choice in the child’s interest yet the way our laws are written and being imposed doesn’t mean he will prevail. That is probably why his mother won’t get on the stand. Why open a can of worms to more questions which is what she would do if she got on the stand. These lawyers aren’t dumb. .

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  12. I know my wife and I vote and when this Judge Hill comes up for re-election who ever is running against her has got our vote! She has proven herself to be totally incompetent to Judge a case properly.


    1. He is not. He was forced to go back to his mother, terrified, crying and begging not to be made to go back to her, screaming “she hurt me” all while apologizing and desperately asking for his daddy. When he sees her and hears her voice he is visibly TERRIFIED.


  13. Just came across this story today. Can’t believe something so tragic is happening to this little person. What is wrong with these people and supposed ‘laws’ do they not have hearts? That mother needs to burn in hell and anybody protecting her deserves the same! Please what is the status of this case today????? And how can The public help!??


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