Cadena warrant unenforceable

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday was billed as sentencing day for Michael Cadena on charges of direct criminal contempt.  Sentencing was delayed because right now the warrant is mostly meaningless.

Just to recap, this is not a custody case!  Amber Buck’s side and some other media want you to believe that.  This case is about a 4-year-old boy who was abused, his mother that barely was held accountable for cooking meth in their home, and nobody being held accountable for child abuse.  Michael Cadena wrote a letter to the court detailing the history with Amber and why he had to flee.  When I have permission to post it, I will add it here.

The warrant Judge Hill ordered doesn’t qualify as criminal, therefore nobody is going to spend money hauling Michael back here.  Instead Sheriff Sandage will be subpoenaed to explain how an enforceable warrant can be issued, that happens on September 27th.  The answer may be it can’t.  Sandage will be allowed to submit a statement instead of appearing in court.  Meanwhile Judge Hill has a civil and criminal warrant for Michael’s arrest.  She claims the civil warrant could jail him indefinitely if Mikey isn’t brought back.  So Amber gets no jail time and the guy just trying to protect his son gets locked up forever.

Welcome to McLean County justice!

Other notes from Monday:

  • Michael’s previous lawyer has to turn any communication pertaining to Michael leaving Illinois over to Amber’s attorney.  Judge Hill ruled attorney-client privilege didn’t apply since Michael had stated in court he asked her if he could leave, I think twice, and never received an answer.
  • The case was sealed, supposedly by a court clerk, because the warrants have his social security number on them.  Evidently redacting information is too difficult.  Amber’s attorney isn’t happy since he can’t access the file either.
  • Judge Hill will not hold a “Best Interests” hearing because she is retiring.  A new judge will be assigned to handle the rest of the case.
  • Massachusetts hasn’t ruled yet on the Emergency Temporary Injunction.
  • Everything is again on hold which is good for Mikey.  Pulling him away from his father while he is still traumatized by abuse is going to affect the rest of his life.  Hopefully some court will care.

11 thoughts on “Cadena warrant unenforceable

  1. I was putting together a judicial complaint against Renard until I found out he was retiring and it would be a moot point by the time anybody would do anything about it.
    On the plus side, if we can get all the (fill in the blank with adjective or phrase of your choice) judges to retire, hopefully we can get some better ones in. Or at the very least, know to pay more attention so they can be disciplined and/or not retained. I haven’t heard of any judicial misconduct type behavior (yet) about the two new-ish judges involved in cases I have an interest in…


  2. This is so heartbreaking! I want to take that judge to task! If this sweet baby is hurt or God forbid killed by his abusive mother the judge will be an accomplice.


  3. How can this happen ? I need to know Mikey is saved from this horrific life . Please everyone keep fighting for him . I’m in Australia and don’t know how I can help . If there is any thing I can do PLEASE let me know .


  4. IS there a GoFund set up to help the father fight to keep his son or for the legal fee please let me know?

    I would make a donation to help an dif his father can get over the boarder to canada I would have no problem giving them a safe place to stay and work under the radair.


  5. I would like to ask miss Benjamin of everything I can do to help find justice in courtroom sharrade of how this criminal mother only got probation on meth manufacturing charges. Where does this buck family get there money. Because they must have have a lot of it. Does micheals father have a very good atourney? Can this be put on national news, 60min. The today show, cnn, msnbc, jimmy kimmel? Anything to shed some bright light on this. I live in Bloomington and I can’t believe any of this.


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