Video: Mikey on calls with his mom

Judge Hill has not seen these videos and Amber Buck’s lawyer successful kept the court in Massachusetts from seeing them.

Amber’s attorney complained in court here that he doesn’t have a copy, he got a copy from Michael’s lawyer at the last hearing.

The video is numerous calls between Mikey and his mother.  Her voice has been mostly redacted.  Mikey is acting normal until she calls.

This is what Judge Hill wants to send a little boy back to full-time while locking up his father.  The calls span many months, they aren’t getting any better.

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  1. This child is obviously traumatized by the mother already. Why would any person judge included want to further that traumatization and rip him forcefully from his father he obviously loves unconditionally and place him with the mother whom he “hates” and who has put him in this state of fear and distress. There has to be a higher court which can overrule Judge LeeAnn Hill

    1. I bet it’s because amber buck has a uncle that is a judge so u can bet that there was fail play and if that’s the case then her uncle should be shamed of himself for sending that poor little boy back to a mother like her and he should up hold the law and not bend it

  2. This child is traumatized every time he is forced to hear her voice. How will he ever be able to heal if he is constantly exposed to her voice?

  3. The father calls the mother when the child is in the middle of a temper tantrum? This does not reflect well on the father. This along with several red flags about the father’s drug use seem to point to the father coaching the child to be upset about his mother.

    The child is 4-years-old for Pete sake, too young to talk to any person on the phone. Both you and the father are disgusting.

    1. Thanks for coming back. You obviously didn’t watch the video. Mom made the calls. Dad was cleared while mom is still on probation, dad wan’t cooking meth!. Yes, an abused 4 year old should be not around his abuser until he has had time to process and heal.

    2. Tom you are disgusting how one sided you are. Its obvious that you have already taken sides. You cant coach a 4 year old to act like this, father remains cool and calm, the whole time. Maybe this is the punishment she gets for cooking meth in front of her kids… (Since the courts are more worried about who she can tell on instead of her children) I dont care how rich you are, how many people you tell on… YOU COOK METH WITH YOUR KIDS IN THE HOUSE YOU GO TO FUCKING PRISON…AND YOU DONT SOBER UP FOR A YEAR AND THINK THAT FIXES EVERYTHING WHAT A FUCKING JOKE…

    3. Can’t u see, he’s having a tantrum because the mother insists upon calling him and forcing him to talk to her? Why, she can see and hear what it does to him, but she keeps calling. What kind of mother does that to her child? Hasn’t she abus3 him enough? Poor kid. So damn sad to see and hear! 💙🙏🏻💙

    4. I thought these were instances where she is invoking her” parental right” to talk to her son and so I assumed this was her calling and the dad reluctantly letting her speak to him. Did I misinterpret this? Is he really calling the mother because little Miley is having a tantrum!? Doubt it

    5. @Tomfrom Illinois – Are you the mother?

      The only one who is disgusting here, is you! I mean you are siding with a child abuser, drug addict. Who goes against the child and not want the child in a safe place. The child belongs with the dad. The child is not property.

      Shame on you for protecting this horrible, poor excuse for a mother.

    6. Did you not see the police video when they were giving him back to his awful mother and he was crying uncontrollably? All that kid needed to hear was we have to call what she considers as his mother and his tantrum starts. The father is not making him do anything.

    7. No one on drugs would have a home that nice and if u watch the last video of little mickey at court with out his father mickey says I don’t want to go with her she hurts me he’s crying his eyes out when he says it so how’s that miss leading him

  4. Yes, I watched the video. The father has no control over the child BEFORE the phone call. The guy has no idea how to control a child having a temper tantrum. I also stand by my observation that the father is coaching the child. The other fact is that a 4-year-old does NOT have a good grasp of talking on the telephone to anyone. The fact that the child’s upset could be because of a multiple reason from not having a nap to over stimulation allowed the father.

    The fact that you’re posting this calls into question your participation in this custody battle. The ruling by the state of Massachusetts states that the father had not proved abuse.

    The dad had to give up the child to foster care because of his marijuana use. Hardly the picture of rectitude you’re trying to push about the father.

    1. Briefly! He changed to take care of his son. Mom got off and was never held accountable for the abuse Mickey suffered in her care. You obviously didn’t watch close enough. Mikey never gets out of control until he is told mom is calling. Nice try though. I ONLY got involved because the Pantagraph wasn’t printing the truth. Dad deserves his story too instead of what you tell the Pantagrpah.

    2. Do you have children? All 3 of mine knew the concept of talking g on tne phone at 4 years old; they knew it at age 2. You are definitely one sided.

    3. It’s obvious you don’t have a 4 year old. This is 2018 and most 4 year olds can use electronics better than most 40 year olds. When I call home on my lunch breaks to speak to my husband, my 4 year old son JD is begging to talk to me. My son can hold a full conversation. Just because he is 4 does not mean he is not capable of voicing his needs and wants.

  5. A 4-year-old does NOT have a good grasp of talking on the phone. “Mikey never gets out of control until he is told mom is calling” reeks of coaching by the father. The Pantagraph wasn’t printing the truth? You haven’t printed the truth either. The judge subpoenaed the McLean County sheriff to come to court answer for the arrest of the father later this months
    It’s the state Massachusetts not the Pantagraph that stated that the father hadn’t proved abuse.

    1. Cute. Massachusetts said he is in no danger now. Of course he isn’t, he’s not with his mother. I wrote about the sheriff, the purpose is so he can say how to make a warrant enforceable. You must have missed that story.

    2. Of course Tom would claim it’s coaching. Deflect deflect deflect. First it’s the father calling the mom while th child is “in the middle of a tantrum”, then it’s the child is unruly and the father isn’t controlling him, then it’s the 4 yr old’s fault because they can’t grasp talking on the phone? Which is it? You’re one comment away from claiming visual evidence “fake news” as a diversion tactic. Give me a break. My 3 yr old talks perfectly fine on a call with anyone, has fully conversations, and even knows how to show his toys to others on FaceTime because children are tech savvy these days. Many children do. I applaud BLN for getting the evidence out for people to make their own informed decisions about this case. You can hide evidence by getting it excluded in the courtroom, but you can’t hide it once it’s out in the open.

    3. You don’t no what your on about you stupid person my son talks to me or his dad on the phone all the time no problem at all you sick individual how could you side with this mum it’s all in black and white and let me tell you it’s adults that lie not children of 4 children of 4 tell the truth the fear is in his voice no one can falsely make him do that’ , that’s real fear !!!!!!!!! Your obviously enjoying thinking this child is suffering think you need locking up !!

  6. This is CLEARLY NOT a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum, it’s clearly a 4 year old UPSET AND DISTRAUGHT for being forced to relive the horror and trauma he endured mentally physically and emotionally while in his mother’s care. The EMOTIONAL UPSET you are witnessing in the videos are the child’s display of his EMOTIONAL UPSET it is not because of any “coaching from the father” BUT because he is forced to relive the nightmare of a life he clearly endured while living with his so called mother.

  7. And the court in Massachusetts did not use this as evidence of anything, in fact tossed out this “evidence”. The father and grandmother should be ashamed of selectively videotaping what appears to be temper tantrums when the mother calls . Tell me how much is the father and grandmother manipulating this kid to hate his mother?

    1. “Tom” it wasn’t tossed by the court because it was not valid evidence. Her attorney claimed to not have a copy or that the copy being provided by the father was somehow not acceptable or however you want to put that. A tactic used by her attorney to block that evidence PERIOD. IF THAT WAS SO CLEARLY pointing to the children being COACHED, they would be all over the videos. Just like he “wont allow” that POS “mother” to release that imaginary footage of Mikey happily in her custody. Why not? If the father’s video of the exchange being so upsetting to Mikey went viral, why not shut it down by showing how damn happy he is with mom? BECAUSE ITS BULLSHIT AND DOESNT EXIST!! One more thing since you seem to be clueless of how children’s minds work at this age (more proof in my opinion that you could really be Mikey’s EGG DONOR) that isn’t a TANTRUM that is a child who is developmentally incapable (due to his AGE) of VOICING his feelings and terror and anger and frustration with his words. HIS BRAIN LITERALLY DOES NOT YET developmentally, emotionally or cognitively., even possess the ability OR the vocabulary to communicate very complicated emotions in words. So he will communicate all of those by crying, whining, screaming, hitting, etc etc etc. or what you would call a “tantrum”. It’s very simple. But you have no empathy or sympathy or compassion or insight into the basic behavior of children, so I understand why you DONT GET IT. Fuck off. Go defend his awful “mother” elsewhere. I’m sure there are plenty of the sons of bitches playing the politics game with this child’s life or the newspaper who seems to only be interested in kissing the asses of the Buck Family would love to have you over there.

  8. Oh “Tom”, or should I say RB ? So easy of you to throw accusations when you are connected to the mother. Clearly obvious. What else is obvious…you’re IP address when fully traced. How’ was the Denver airport? 😉

  9. “Tom” seems to forget the reason he or his wife couldn’t get custody of ambers older child and that child stayed in foster care and not with her family was because of his marijuana dispensary card. “Tom” you’re a hypocrite and a poor example of a “Christian. “I will know them by their fruit” I don’t think that includes adding to America’s drug problem. No wonder why your daughter became a methamphetamine addict. You’re her father. You’re a narcissistic, sociopathic, manipulator. You’re emails alone scream that out loud. You should be ashamed of yourself. The only reason these videos upset you, is because it shows just how afraid that baby is of his mother. I’ve seen the pictures your grandson had ligature marks on him. You’re a sick individual and your family follows suit. They’ve seen your example. You are a fraud and your daughter is a recovering junkie, and she will fail. Where does that leave you’re grandson? In your daughters dog and pony show.

  10. Tom (RB) shame on you. You know the truth and you know Michael is an awesome dad. Why don’t you post about all the wonderful things Michael did for your beautiful granddaughter and all the cousins. Why don’t you post about how much those children loved him. Why don’t you post about Michael getting up every morning to get your beautiful granddaughter breakfast and to school ad and to gymnastics etc. How bout when she fell and got hurt she would run to him and he would hug her and clean her cut. Or maybe you could tell how he always fixed your computer and when asked to help he always did. Also there is no coaxing in those videos Michael sets up legos etc and tells Mikey show mommy how you did this. I think you know Michael would never hurt his son by coaxing him. I also believe you know I would never hurt my grandson by coaxing him to a point where he is crying and screaming. I love him to much to ever do that. We make every effort to make those calls not stressful for Mikey. We love him to much to do other wise. Also because we love him so much we never ever say anything negative about his mother to him. Why when Michael came to you guys to do an intervention to help Amber you wouldn’t do it. Your own daughter you all refused to do an intervention to help her. I have an email you wrote to your daughter telling her that she was destroying her daughter because of her life style. There is a lot in that email but I won’t get into it because I have to much class and won’t stoop to your level. You all know Michael is a good dad and he adores his son as his son adores him but yet you want to rip him away from that. If you truly loved this little boy you would never hurt him by ripping him away from his father. Shame on you! You need to hit your knees and pray for forgiveness because what you are trying to do is selfish and cruel.

    1. Barbara, god bless you and I’m praying for your family and especially Mikey. I sure hope there is a happy ending in this mess. Very well said. We have seen some of the emails and we see the Attorney’s blocking of evidence, and the report of horrendous injuries on Mikey. All facts. Not smoke and mirrors and deflection and plain selfishness shown by the other side. I’m a mother of three of my own. Never in a million years would I continue to force my children to accept those calls from me, seeing what reaction it envoked and the damage done with each call. I would suffer and miss them before I would cause them further harm. And if I thought they were being “coached” then I would approach that investigation in the least harmful way I could. But that’s not it. Any mother would know this. But she’s not one. Clearly. To hear her (the little we can) acting like it’s a normal call with seemingly no empathy for his distress, it’s sickening. I could go on forever cause I’m so disgusted with every part of this case. But know we support you from every state. God bless your family and we will continue to pray that the judge and others involved will do the right thing regardless of their political goals. MIKEY IS NOT A PAWN. Give him the remainder of his childhood to live in peace!!!! Shame on everyone that had a hand in this, especially that “mother”.

  11. What’s wrong, Mr. Buck? You have nothing more to say or try to manipulate the comments now that you’ve been exposed as “Tom from illinois”. The only person who should be ashamed is you. It’s funny you call Mike out for his past marijuana use (which he has been honest about) and yet your daughter was arrested on a felony of trafficking it amongst worse crimes. Also, doesn’t your wife have a dispensary card? Wasn’t that one of the reason’s she couldn’t get custody of our granddaughter initially? Doesnt your other daughter own a Cannibas company with your help? Isn’t there a picture of her on the internet covered in marijuana? Didn’t you then beg Mike in an email to have him help your family by telling DCFS and the attorneys that you wife should get your granddaughter back then? Didn’t your wife have to legally separate from you to get custody of your granddaughter and you weren’t allowed in the home? Hi POT…meet KETTLE.

  12. The reports clearly state the condition this little boy was found in while under the care of his mother. Anybody who has raised children can see this is not a tantrum but a child distraught and upset he’s legally being forced to someone who abused him. My children had no issue with talking on the phone, when it was to someone they liked, when I was forced to make them talk to their father, it was a different story, they would cry and run away and refuse to listen or speak, and I was accused of brainwashing them. Fact of the matter is he treated them badly and that wasn’t forgotten. No adult is going to want to see or converse with someone they don’t like, let alone someone who physically assaulted them regularly, and went out of their way to make sure their basic human needs couldn’t be met. Anybody defending the mother here is simply a twisted person, plain and simple. Anybody who accuses dad of coaching or bad parenting over marijuana use is reaching for straws.

  13. This is heart breaking…and for what reason do they give for such raw and powerful evidence of the fear this poor baby feels when even discussing the topic of talking with mommy is brought up to be inadmissible for a hearing in deciding custody of a child that has
    suffered enough insormountable abuse and neglect already!!!!! Unreal! This is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever come across…I saw a post of Facebook about this case and the more I find, the more my heart breaks that fully grown adults, those given the highest of honors to protect society, are making the decisions to even let this girl walk among us law abiding citizens much less be left alone to care for a child she’s already done severe mental and physical damage to….This judge has seriously dirty hands and how her lawyer sleeps at night knowing he’s putting this angel back in harm’s way for a paycheck is mind blowing. Sick sick sick!!!!!!!! Def writing to state officials and going to every hook up I have in the media (aka the head producer for a large portion of CNN and a family member whose a host for Good Morning America to name a few!) to make sure this case gets the media coverage it needs….not for the mother or the father or grandparents or lawyers OR ANYONE ELSE BESIDES THIS SWEET SOUL THAT IS HAVING A CIRCUS MADE OUT OF HIS LIFE !!!!!!!

    1. Dear Evil Exposer… THANK YOU, I don’t know these families & I have only recently heard what was going on. When I reposted things to FB it was missing the NEXT DAY! It was on FB ARREST????? WTH
      I heard the MOTHER’s family is very wealthy & has connections with the Illinois judicial system. After she was arrested for the Meth Lab, the father was given full custody, but when he went back to IL for an appeal….his custodial papers were not there & Judge Hill ordered him to bring the child back to his Mother! The Dad did not want to bring him back, Mikey was happy, had family who loved him, was going to school and had friends. He was no longer PUNCHING HIMSELF….he came a long way.
      The Dad did not show up at court & when he finally did last Weds, he was placed in Jail for Contempt.
      That Monster of a Mother, was immediately given permission to leave the state, while on probation, and flew to Boston last Weds night to get Mikey. There’s a video of that meeting that is so heart wrenching even worse then these. SHE WON HER PAWN BACK & I have everyone praying he is safe…but I don’t have a good feeling about this bitch.
      He was crying “he did not want to go to Mommy house. NOOOO she will hurt me”😤
      I am beyond MORTIFIED, I can’t stop crying or thinking of him at his Mothers house & I have bugged every news station in Boston & I won’t stop!

    2. Yes!!! And sorry but I feel like EVEN IF ms buck has “changed”, too damn late!!! The trauma that child suffered under her “care”— as far as I’m concerned (as a real mother!!) should take all rights and privileges she had as his mother AWAY FOREVER. Those are unforgivable “mistakes” (choices) and she should never get the chance to fail him again. Cause if the judge is wrong, the child is destroyed. If a judge wouldn’t trust that animal with their own children, they have no right to force her upon any other child. Whether she gave birth to them or not. She failed. Mommy card is revoked, honey!! Judge is to be the voice of the voiceless and powerless, not feed them to the wolves and wish them luck. Shameful and disgusting. I’m sick over this.

  14. This absolutely breaks my heart! This poor child having to be forced to go live with his abuser. The judge should be thrown in jail. I pray to god this poor child is safe and is returned to his father. The mother will pay for the abuse and damage she has done, not just by god but by her own son as he grows up.

  15. This poor kid is traumatized by his mother. Father has to let her call because it’s court ordered, but if I were the mom and heard that fear in my child’s voice I wouldn’t make him talk. I would talk to his dad about how he is doing and ask if he will talk to me and if he doesn’t want to I wouldn’t force him. That poor child!! Anyone on her side or who had anything to do with him going back should be ashamed. And not to mention Mom was able to video call every single night but yeah dad hasn’t even had any contact with them since he’s been gone that’s a fucking joke !!!

  16. This woman is doing more harm than good if she really loves Mickey she would let him be with his dad. She is so heartless and only cares about her self and doesn’t care hew she takes down with her. She a pathological liar and should never be able to have thous kids . Put her in jail with her parents and everyone else they have bought off.

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