Cadena Case: Sent in error means it’s mine!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I received the court recommendations for Mikey Cadena by mistake.  It was attached to an email the person who sent it must have forgotten to detach it.  It was NOT anyone associated with or a member of the Cadena family.

Even though it was sent in error, it becomes my property.  It was not acquired illegally, therefore Amber Buck can cry all she wants.  It does not show her in a favorable light.

The document is dated 2/16/17.  Michael fled Illinois in March 2017 because of the threats against him as he outlined in his letter Judge Hill ignored:    LETTER to Hill.2018.09.17   Michael Cadena had custody when he left.

Amber Buck has mysteriously became the deprived mother of the year.  This case was never about custody, it was about abuse and neglect.  The courts and DCFS made it clear who Mikey belonged with and why.  One has to wonder why Amber cares so much now when previously she was neglecting Mikey while meth was manufactured in her home.  Attempting twice to whisk Mikey from his loving father and grandmother in Massachusetts is Amber’s idea of the “best interests” of the child?  Public opinion seems to think NOT.




5 thoughts on “Cadena Case: Sent in error means it’s mine!

  1. Looks like a real thing. Is the court going against their own court order? There has to be a finding that the mother is fit. I don’t see that so she cannot have unsupervised contact with the child.


  2. This woman is a sorry excuse for a Mother. She is a worthless piece of crap. Karma will come for her and she better be ready. This whole story is absolutely disgusting. Almost as disgusting and disgraceful as Amber Buck . May she burn in Hell for the hell she has caused in Mikey’s life. He will grow to hate her and she will lose him forever then.


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