Mitchel Mohr guilty (Sonetz accident)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mohr was originally charged with 4 traffic violations:

See these previous stories:

Somehow the speed violation got reduced to 1-10 above the limit instead of what was originally reported:  71 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone.

Keep in mind his cell phone was never checked, the victim’s was.

Mohr was in court on October 2nd for final disposition.  It looks like he pled not guilty, but the court found him guilty of speeding and failure to reduce speed.  He was fined $244.50.  He also received 12 months supervision and 4 hours driver education.

The seat belt violation disappeared.  Although the video of the accident is from quite a ways away, the Illinois State Police determined Mohr did not disobey a traffic signal.  They did determine that his speed increased to get through the light however.

Details from court can be seen on the County website:

The seat belt violation deserves to be answered.  Now it never will be.

Mohr has other misdemeanor charges going back to 2013.  I’ve always found that people never learn from mistakes unless the penalties are severe enough to deter them in the future.

I’m sure Mohr was devastated by what happened, only time will tell if he learned anything from it.









4 thoughts on “Mitchel Mohr guilty (Sonetz accident)

  1. Considering the fact that Miss Sonetz was killed as a result of this traffic accident, the charge should have been vehicular manslaughter.


  2. Consider today that a chicago cop who clearly murdered a black youth, was found guilty of second degreee murder. The kid was a loser, but still. Looks like this kid is going to walk too. I’m getting disgruntled in my old age.


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