Michael Cadena OUT of jail today!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video of Mikey Cadena being handed over to his mom on October 3rd went more than viral over the weekend.  It had well over 1 million views.  That prompted calls to officials.

McLean County was forced by Massachusetts to amend the warrant for his arrest to only Illinois. The District Attorney asked McLean if anyone was coming to get him, when the County said no he ordered Michael released.

Michael has been in jail since October 2nd.  That means 15 days in jail on a warrant McLean County evidently wasn’t serious about.  Michael was deprived of his freedom for nothing.  I’m sure his lawyers are looking at repercussions.  Judge Hill needs to explain why she had him jailed for 15 days and then changed her mind.

The Pantagraph reporting has come directly from Amber’s lawyer.  When Mikey was taken away from family friends in the video he was taken to a room with his mother.  People present claim Mikey was screaming in fear, not the happy reunion portrayed.  Even though his mom was posting pictures on Facebook within hours, her lawyer has instructed her not to release any pictures or video.  Of course Amber’s lawyer claims Mikey is doing well – without any proof.

Amber got Mikey on October 3rd even though she was told twice that day by judges that Mikey was not allowed to leave Massachusetts.  She waiting until night when the courts were closed to get the police involved.  She returned to Illinois shortly after.  If the warranty was only amended because Mikey was in Illinois it should have been amended at least 10 days ago.

The ONLY reason I got involved with this case is because of the Pantagraph reporting.  It has always been Amber’s side of the story.

This case is far from over.

Again, a lot going on behind the scenes I can’t report yet.








35 thoughts on “Michael Cadena OUT of jail today!

    1. I agree WTH I saw video this baby broke my heart There is a reason for those tears. Why isn’t the judge paying any attention to the baby. She has no motherly instincts just hatred for the dad and this is dangerous.

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  1. The Pentagraphs recent story regarding the matter is the most bias, lawyer Fed BS I have ever read. Clearly no fact checking was done as I found numerous errors. I’m embarrassed for their pathetic attempt at journalism. Thank God people truly following the case see fact from fiction. Amber Bucks family doesn’t have enough money to buy everyone!

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  2. Thank you so much for reporting on this, you’re giving me hope! I’ve been broken since I saw the court video 72 hrs ago. The retweet I shared has already hit 2.5 million views. Everyone is horrified.

    I’m in the UK so locked out of the Pantagraph due to GDPR. It’s probably a good thing, it would make me so angry. Anyone with eyes can see how hurt that poor as been.

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  3. If you sell enough drugs you will have the money and possibly sell drugs to the right people helps as well. It appears Amber is well versed in this line of income generating activities. Corruption runs deep and some people are capable of things you can’t even imagine. In my opinion Ambers dad sounds like a former cult leader. I personally would hate to be a US Judge that even admits to being related Amber . Prayers that all things hidden be revealed and justice prevails. My greatest concern and prayer, as with everyone else, is Mickeys. safety and care .

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  4. If no one knows will say where Mikey is, why not do the same as Amber ! Get a warrant for anyone hiding this poor child & throw THEM in jail for KIDNAPPING with no bail! Toss Judge Hill in there while they are at it….& give her plenty of time to think about the horrid things she has put this poor child & Dad through😤.
    God please protect Mikey🙏


  5. I’ve been heartbroken since I saw the video. Thank you for the updates!! I’m praying this poor baby is placed where he can be safe and happy. 💙🙏🏼


  6. Mother and son reunited. And the druggie father locked up…and his attorney sanctioned by a federal court. Are you sure you’re on the right side of this one?


    1. DRUGGIE mom, who’s son had ANAL bleeding in “HER CARE” I wouldn’t want to go to her house either. Disgusting defending this pos mother. SICK. Fact check fact check fact check people and you will NOT be on the Mother’s side! My last faith in humanity died watching that lil boys response to his own mother.


  7. I will be praying for this poor child. Am glad to know someone is keeping up with this. The video absolutely broke my heart, it’s still hurting. I will keep checking back for updates.

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  8. The clock is ticking for this young boy in the care of his mother. (this is obvious) I really hope the judge gets investigated for the decisions she made Inc. Not listening to the evidence by the child’s psychiatrist. I’m dumbfounded that a higher power hasn’t intervened yet.
    Good luck Mickey. Fingers crossed its a positive outcome.

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  9. This is a tragedy and so heart wrenching. Mikey, his father and family are in my prayers. Something must be done to stop these “APPOINTED” TRAFFIC COURT JUDGES who use their authority to destroy families and children’s lives. The same thing happened to my brother and my precious nephew last year when our “APPOINTED” small town egotistical bias corrupt power hungry crooked TRAFFIC COURT JUDGE denied my brother his constitutional rights and due process rights just because HE COULD!! He took his child from him, his home, all of his belongings, his vehicle, he took EVERYTHING away from my brother all over a FALSE ALLEGATION!!!! And the proof was overwhelming to show my brothers innocence. This corrupt TRAFFIC COURT JUDGE refused to let my brother speak much less present any evidence to refute her allegation, he never even ask my brother if he gave his wife the nickel sized bruise on her ass THAT HE WAS FALSELY ACCUSED OF! The judge sentenced my innocent brother (who has NEVER EVEN BEEN A COURTROOM FOR A TRAFFIC TICKET) to a year in jail and my precious nephew was placed in the care of his certified mentally unstable drug addict mother and new violent drug addict kid boyfriend that she immediately moved in my brothers home, the boyfriend SHE WAS PREGNANT BY ….yes! ! She moved her boyfriend into my brothers home the DAY MY BROTHER WAS ARRESTED and he was driving my brothers vehicle living in his home with his wife and child (my brother still being FORCED TO PAY THE HOUSEHOLD BILLS WHILE NEITHER HER OR HER NEW BOYFRIEND HAD A JOB)!! All of my brothers possessions he had collected throughout his life were thrown away in a DUMPSTER LIKE TRASH!!
    EVERYTHING INCLUDING HIS UNREPLACEABLE PICTURES CLOTHES AND SHOES .. EVERYTHING HE OWNED AND WORKED HIS LIFE FOR WAS THROWN IN A DUMPSTER BY THE BOYFRIEND!!! THANKFULLY after an appeal and $12,000 later an honest law abiding judge placed my precious nephew with his father where he belonged, in a SAFE AND STABLE environment. And here I thought JUSTICE WOULD PREVAIL. …but here is where I learned that isn’t so!!! Justice??? For who??? Something MUST BE DONE TO STOP THESE TRAFFIC COURT JUDGES MAKING DECISIONS THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE!!!! IT’S TRAFFIC COURT!!!! NOT FAMILY COURT OR A COURT OF EQUALITY AND FAIRNESS IT’S POWER HUNGRY CORRUPT AND BIAS JUDGES THAT HAVE NO PLACE MAKING DECISIONS THAT AFFECT THE WELFARE OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN! !!! Our case is still pending. .. (so much for the “speedy and fair justice WERE DUE RIGHT?”) So much for the OATH THEY TOOK TO BE FAIR, TO AVOID COSTING DEFENDANTS UNNECESSARY MONEY AND TIME!!! Something has to be done to protect our children and ourselves from these judges! !!! I will continue to pray for this beautiful child and his heart broken father. Thank you for keeping us updated!!


  10. This whole story has me clenching my teeth in fear for Mikey Cadena. McLean County has NO REGARD fir what’s actually in children’s best interest – the parent with the most money for an attorney is who gets custody. Period. In January 2008, in McLean County court, my beautiful little girl was ripped out of my custody and her father, a violent alcoholic with a class X felony on his record, was given sole custody. My crime? Moving home to Chicago (even though our custody agreement, when I’d been given primary custody rights, clearly stated that I could move anywhere within the state of Illinois). My daughter’s reaction was exactly the same as Mikey Cadena’s. They had to pry her fingers off my arm while she cried, “Mommy please no! Don’t let them make me go to him!!!” It still gives me knots to remember that day. 11 years later, we got through it but she’s in therapy for PTSD after his subsequent and ongoing abuse.

    PLEASE, somebody do something and get that little guy safe!!!

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    1. I’m so sorry for the injustice that brought so much pain to you and your child. I really wish there was something that could be done to prevent this from happening all to often! !! Most courts these days truly have no concern for the horrific effects their bias decisions have on our children and families for so many years. The only advice I’ve been given is to file a formal complaint with the judiciary committee which I have been working on over the past year. I was also given the advice that I should wait until I have moved out of the city I have lived in most of my adult life as they assured me I’d be targeted. Sad but true. I hope and pray the broken pieces come together for your family and you are stronger than ever before!

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  11. My daughter is 21 now and we are still close, even though her father tried to drive a wedge between us. She has a very good counselor and a boyfriend she adores but she still has separation and anger issues that stem directly from what the McLean County court system did to her. Her post this morning about Mikey Cadena as related to her own experience was heartbreaking. And again, this is not at all uncommon in Bloomington, Illinois. Google Kourtney Herman, a single mother in Bloomington. Judge Bill Yoder awarded custody to her daughter’s paternal grandparents who earn $400,000 per year and Kourtney’s attorney is petitioning the supreme court. Being a single parent is a punishable crime in Bloomington, believe me. A Bloomington-Normal single parent’s ONLY hope of keeping custody of their child/ren is to have local family who has money and influence with the (very pliable) circuit judges.


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