Heartbreaking Message from Michael Cadena

Mikey’s dad posted this on Facebook last night.  It is reprinted with permission.


Tonight, I share my message with a broken heart and so many questions about my missing son. Why were the police able to hand the child over to his mother when she made false statements to them? How was the mother able to get the child when that very afternoon the judge told the mother he couldn’t issue an order giving her the child? Why did the IL State’s Attorney and Bloomington Sheriff both refuse to come get me? Could it be because they both knew that the warrant was shaky to begin with? Why did Judge Hill go through the trouble of changing my warrant from non-extraditable to extraditable (which got me arrested) and then back to non-extraditable? Before I was arrested, why did IL tell Weymouth PD that they would definitely come to get me, but then change their minds once I had already spent 14 days in jail and lost my child? What did my little boy think when daddy wasn’t there to save him. Why did he keep saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” in the video at the police station? Did he think daddy didn’t care or did he think he did something wrong, so I gave him back?

I think of a million things that my poor little boy may have been thinking when he was seemingly tricked and taken that night. What I picture is my baby fearful and alone, asking himself “where’s Daddy”? And now, what is he thinking when I’m just gone. It couldn’t be further from the truth, but does he think I didn’t love him? I think, and I cry. The pain I am in for my son is so deep there are no words to describe it. He was ripped away with no understanding of what was happening. He was not allowed to take anything but the clothes on his body. His favorite toys sit here. His Spider-Man suit that he loved because when he put it on he believed in his little mind that he was Spider-Man. Of course, when he wore the outfit we could not call him by his real name because he was Spider-Man. But this suit was left behind with all his special things taken away to send him the message “you don’t matter”.

I can’t even begin to comprehend how a mother could cause her own child this kind of pain. Just because he’s a little boy doesn’t mean his feelings don’t count. His feelings matter, Mikey matters, my son matters to me. He’s not a possession that does not feel. But she came and stole him as a possession. The courts have sent the message “children don’t come first”, treating him like an object. My good little boy, I love you more than my own life and my fight will be stronger than ever to get you back and keep you safe and teach you are important, and your feelings do matter. From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you for the outpouring of support and care for my little boy. I will be forever grateful for the abundance of prayers and phone calls, especially the calls for action to bring my boy home and stop systemic failures that negatively impact children like Mikey. If I may ask, the time for prayers and action continues and I’d appreciate any additional help. Thank you again.

Michael Sr.

16 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Message from Michael Cadena

  1. The Buck “family” should ALL be ashamed of themselves. This is NOT a healthy family, rather a despotic bunch of law breaking, lying do gooders who feel they don’t have to abide by the SAME rules the “rest” of society does.


  2. No parent or grandparent who truly loves their child would ever inflict this type of pain on them. What the Buck family has done to Mikey is beyond cruel- he doesn’t understand why he’s been ripped away from the people who love him w no contact. I pray God burdens the Buck family’s heart to do what’s right. Doing this to a 4 year old boy who’s innocent is nothing but pure evil! May God intervene on behalf of this precious baby!

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  3. Unfortunately, there are parents out there who only think of themselves when it comes to custody disputes. Especially when custody is taken away from a mother. The mother doesn’t want that stigma after losing custody so she feels like she has to get the child back to secure her reputation as a mother. Meanwhile, the child is caught in the middle and is confused and hurt. A mother who cares about the well-being of her child should have been satisfied with visitation or at LEAST a transition period for the child if she wanted custody restored. Instead she selfishly took him and ran and hid not even thinking about the damage this will do to the child. Its very sad and my heart breaks for Michael and Mikey.


  4. I do feel sorry for this poor child. He has been “ripped away” from a parent not only once, but twice. Neither time should have happened the way it did.


  5. Well, another example of an incompetent system delivering a small child into a bad and likely unsafe situation while taking them FROM a safe and better one. This “mother” knows how to play that system and it seems she (and her shyster lawyers) have done it yet again, and again an innocent suffers, and a decent dad suffers. I hope and pray for a change for this little boy and soon, and hope he doesn’t have to suffer MORE in order to get that change. My gut instincts tell me he is far better off with dad and grandma. Birthing a child should NOT give anyone unquestioned “rights” to that child, ANYONE with a functioning reproductive system can get pregnant and have a kid, it in NO way means that they are going to be an actual responsible and caring PARENT.

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    1. I think dad should have him.if mother cared about her son she wouldn’t do all things she’s done to him.she doesn’t deserve to have children.


  6. I have cried. I’m so hurting for that baby boy clearly he was afraid! Clearly adults with Badges and papers and documents and college degrees, should have use their common sense and their fancy College education to take that boy and then break them and find a way immediately to stop this process! Did nobody have the guts to do this? I would have held my ground and held that boy in my arms weather it jail time! This is wrong… Even though that little boy was 4 years old he knew what the hell he was being sent back into! Take it from somebody that knows somebody that experienced it! Why couldn’t you all look at that boy how is his age… And safe him… I so wish I was there because I would steamroll over everything to get this little boy away from that mother! Where do I go 2 help petition speak my voice and concerns? I have to do something even though I’m far far away. I know what he’s experiencing so somebody get off their asses and help this poor little man. He was okay until that lady told him what was going to happen… Everybody needs to rewatch that again and again and help just do something. I need to know what I can do to help? What do I do somebody reply… Thank you


    1. You’ll have to excuse talk to text… I reread my post and it is kind of screwing with context so I do apologize but maybe try to fill in where I messed up to for it to makes sense.


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