By:  Diane Benjamin

The concussion will be keeping me from writing much for at least a few days.

Here’s a couple of things I couldn’t pass up:

As of October 26th, Green Top isn’t close to raising $400,000:

Yes they have only raised $141,800 of the needed $400,000.


The Pantagraph again let a lawyer write a story. Tristan Bullington is allowed to publish his talking points about Mikey Cadena.   See this story:   https://www.pantagraph.com/lawyer-child-doing-well-after-returning-to-mother-in-mclean/article_520fab47-022e-539f-b434-28ee3322856c.html?utm_content=buffer9a440&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=LEEDCC&fbclid=IwAR1g5uEpx9bfmogS3az5ySEzI2GGAk_uW8lMY5YFBGl0TKPZy7L8LBozWlI#tracking-source=home-top-story-1

The story has many problems.  Readers knew the truth, that’s why comments have been deleted.  The video shows NO interaction between Mickey and his mother or any other person.  It does nothing to prove Mikey is doing fine.  If his mom cared about her son, he would be allowed to talk to his dad.  He isn’t.

The Mikey story hasn’t just spread across the country.  It has spread around the world.  McLean County courts are a world-wide joke.

Michael Cadena wasn’t in jail a few days as the story claims.  It was 15.  Nobody told Mikey he was in danger when he was handed back to his mother, the video has sound.  A family friend was trying to help Mikey transition.  His grandmother wasn’t even allowed to see him before he was taken.

The article was an obvious attempt to change public opinion.  It failed.


County Board races:

The paper tried to give some insight into the Board candidates.

Shayna Watchinski is going to spend four years trying to get the meeting time changed.  brilliant!

Read it here:  https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/mclean-county-board-hopefuls-push-low-taxes-transparency/article_bc35a797-01d9-516b-9729-163c10eb785a.html

In this country we elect people to represent us.  We don’t recruit mobs to make decisions.  Compare the Democrats to the Republicans running.  Who is going to keep your taxes low?  Who is pro-business?

Democrats already run Bloomington and Normal.  It’s easy to see the results of their elections.  Debt, tax increase, tax increase, debt.  Repeat.

Figure out who needs elected yet?

(Back to the couch)








15 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Nice try, Tristan! He gets to write in the Slantagraph because he’s an establishment stooge and friend of Tari’s; did we mention his wife was appointed to the board of DisConnect Transit by Tari. Oh, and Jason Barickman works for the same law firm as Tristan. If you’re in the elite’s circle, you get the bully pulpit…merits and morals don’t count for anything. Meanwhile, Green Top is toast! The only people contributing to the campaign are ideologues. Wealthy people got wealthy by working hard and shrewdly investing their money. The 1%ers of BN are sitting on their wallets…much better than throwing it in the dumpster fire. So, yes, Green Top is toast. Wonder how the elites will spin this fail. I’m sure they’ll blame the consultants and probably our “unhealthy” citizens that “don’t get it”. Maybe, they’ll even blame a certain “blogger”….a badge of honor for Diane IMO. Bottom line: they need to explain this away as anything other than the failure of government meddling and the “right fit”. Let’s make some noise and remind people why Green Top failed! Shayna is in over her head. She’ll run out of gas after the campaign and quickly learn how difficult the job really is, and that the overwhelming majority of people disagree with her platform.

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  2. “Multi-million dollar investment on Constitution Trail”. —one of Renner’s repeatedly stated accomplishments during his campaign.
    Now it is a multi-million dollar failure that didn’t contribute any sales tax to the community.


    1. Of course no one is using the trail, they’re too busy clogging the overcrowded big lanes…haha! Constitution Trail is nice, but no one would call it an economic engine…except for the fools in both city halls.


      1. I like and use the Constitution Trail, and I openly recognize it is a ‘nice to have’ – in no way is it ‘an economic engine’. I’d even support a move to make it privately owned by a non-profit and I’d donate my associated tax reductions. (Apologies for any who spit out their drink at the preposterousness of that last phrase. 🙂 )

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  3. There is a way to instantly turn Green Top around to a direction where it could be profitable. Stock it with regular groceries at a competitive price. An Aldi type store in that location would probably do quite well.

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    1. Solid idea, Jim! However, those behind Green Top are elitists that lead with ideology, not business acumen or common sense for that matter.


    2. But, that wouldn’t be “the right fit”….and wouldn’t be pleasing to the leftist elitists – they might be able to smell the low life conservatives/Trump supporters who might venture in, you know, like Peter Strzok can….and that wouldn’t be pleasant for them, they would rather have a nice pleasant store that is struggling to stay afloat – they LOVE struggle after all.


    1. These losers could buy 320 million dollars of tickets and pick every combination but 1 and still lose. That is how good their business instinct and concept of reality is.


    2. You’re not far off, Old Stanky. Funny you mention the allocation of funds… A friend of mine remarked that the $400,000 they’re trying to raise would be much better off invested in starting a new business or funding a startup here in Bloomington-Normal that creates jobs, fosters innovation, and helps our struggling local economy. Instead, the money is going to the dumpster fire that is Green Top to pay salaries and deficit spending all running on borrowed time. So sad.


  4. With you not writing for a few days Tari is probably thinking about running around neked in his back yard right now, lol. Gosh I hope there is a 5 foot high wooden fence so you no one can see him.


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