State’s Attorney Emails – Cadena

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are two emails sent by Jeffry Horve to Michael Cadena concerning Amber Buck and his son Mikey.  Horve is the Felony Drug Unit Supervisor and Assistant State’s Attorney for McLean County.

It is obvious Horve knew what was best for Mikey, the judges involved made their own decisions.

The first two are between Micheal Cadena and Horve, the third is after Amber Buck got no prison time, the State’s Attorney’s office wanted her locked up.  Amber was taped talking to her co-defendant while he was in jail.  Since that violated the rules, she should have not received probation.  Michael didn’t return to Illinois because he knew the courts would hand Mikey back to Amber.  The third email proves Horve was happy Mikey was nowhere near McLean County,

Michael is still not allowed phone calls with his son.  Mikey likely feels he’s been abandoned by his dad and grandmother.  He will never forget who did it to him.


11 thoughts on “State’s Attorney Emails – Cadena

  1. I wonder what the process is for a defense attorney to pay off a judge. Is there a standard procedure? Who pays who and when?

    Just wondering


  2. Courts attempt to keep families together. The family was together until the dysfunctional one, Amber, became reinvolved. Horve is a straight shooter. The courts, maybe not as straight.


  3. Wow well if you whant to get away with making drugs just move to Illinois.. This family has no idea what really is going on . Little miss Amber is nothing more than a spoiled rotten brat that thinks she can pull the will over her parents. And just think there is so much crap going on and it really is making me think her and her attorney are doing something because this shit isn’t right. This woman needs to do the time for her crimes 🔐 up lock lock her up lock her up


  4. Diane,
    I’m not understanding your reply in regards to my daughter knowing my email address.

    This email is only attached to specific news and accounts, one being this blog. It is currently being reviewed by the Normal Police Department as I have given them consent to analyze my account after receiving an email from a separate party earlier today.



  5. Diane,

    Once again, you are very off and continue to make false allegations in regards to my identity.
    My children, grandchildren and myself are all upstanding individuals whom have absolutely no connection with those that you assume. In fact, my daughter has worked directly with family and youth through a large private agency located in Normal, IL for well over 15 years and my youngest enforces the law in his profession outside of McLean County.
    Perhaps after a thorough assessment and investigation, you will certainly be quite surprised.
    Please, by all means continue the truly negligent and tortious behavior as you pride yourself with.
    I certainly advise you not to release my email again.



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