Ward 4 Amelia Buragas

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t think Amelia has said if she plans to run again.  Somebody needs to challenge her!  She’s never met a government program or tax increase she didn’t approve of.  You still have time to get on the ballot.  Contact the Bloomington Election Commission in the Government Center.

Amelia is the one who wanted a totally new library!

5 thoughts on “Ward 4 Amelia Buragas

  1. Amelia is completely out of touch with reality. She believes that Downtown Bloomington is the center of commerce and life in Bloomington. Her votes are generally in lockstep with Renner. She favors higher taxes and bigger government and does the bidding of the elites in White Place. How are those brick roads? Found any rainbows yet, Amelia? During her first campaign, she said the Coliseum doesn’t need to break even and also said she doesn’t mind paying higher taxes and fees. Hope someone steps up.

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  2. Although I don’t like the term white privilege, Amelia Buragas is the poster child of white privilege. Living on White Place, I mean,,,how ironic. Interesting that the social justice wimps endorse her.


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