Rivian’s vehicle

By:  Diane Benjamin

As a person who doesn’t get excited by vehicles, the Rivian announcement means little to me – until the last paragraph of the second link below:

It won’t be available until 2020.

The largest battery is good for 400 miles.

See these two links for more information:




25 thoughts on “Rivian’s vehicle

  1. I am laughing at this…. Where to begin? These are poor renderings (not photographs of something that exists in the real world) This is not a truck…. this is a car with a bed…. This cannot be made in the old Mitsubishi plant without massive (and expensive) retooling of the plant (it will not fit down the lines)…. truck buyers will not be interested in this (it’s not a truck)….. I want to contact anyone who believes this is going to be made here or anywhere else (they will surely buy the land I have in Arizona).


    1. No…. the plant that I worked in and know very well… would need a complete retooling to build this truck (car with a bed) – The process of retooling a plant costs (conservatively) $700 million and takes about a year and a half. So to build this truck these con men would need to start retooling the plant tomorrow to mass produce anything by 2020. The leadership here and the elites who have never worked a day in their lives and know nothing about auto manufacturing don’t understand that this plant is a giant machine designed to build one specific platform. A truck of this size will not fit through this machine. Everything in this plant will need to be changed, updated or modernized. It takes very deep pockets and real automotive professionals to build cars (gasoline or electric). These con men have neither.


  2. Okay, so let’s say they actully get this truck to be road worthy and into production. How many they going to sell? A couple of thousand?


    1. If that! I just read an article on the GM VOLT going the way of the dinosaur wanna bet the Rivian truck goes there as well only faster!


    1. Volvo announced months ago that they will not be making petroleum powered cars after this year. I do know that they have a Truck manufacturing plant in Dublin, Va. along side Mack Trucks. I’m not sure where all they make cars. But my point here is that while I do absolutely agree this is not a real truck and see it more as the next status symbol of money people, if it ever gets built, Volvo is no dummy to business outlooks ether.


      1. Diane, while technically you are correct, but if the City can figure out a way to tax Airnb, why would you not also believe this little problem will be solved by the time less than 100,000 of these new Rivian trucks hit the road. I have a feeling that formula has probably already been worked out, don’t you?


    1. Good luck with that! Everything is a secret with Rivian. We’re not allowed to see, hear, or know anything about them. The cost of retooling the plant and overall production doesn’t add up here. but don’t worry, Koos and the automotive manufacturing experts at the EDC got a ride in it. So, we’re good, right?


  3. Looks like an El Camino made to run on my Hot Wheels track. I’m going to the store and see IF I can find one in the toy aisle. Want me to pick you up one too Lawrence. And does that land in Arizona have water rights?? IF it don’t I’ll get “serving him” to get me a Christmas miracle.. I’d bet They’ll be offering rides in SPACE before Rivan has ANYTHING that comes off the line, as Lawrence is right when he talks about re-tooling, and that goes for most ANY major industry-cars, engines, mining, steel, plastics and even legos, which is probably what this truck is made of..


  4. Oh dear God…I am guessing “Serving Him” will be first in line for one of these fantasy cars”? With a cost of only $69,000 – $100,000 I am thinking it will be in everyone’s driveway by the year 2021. This thing is simply a desperate throw up of “something” to keep the scam moving along and the money coming in from suckers. Now and then the scam artist has to show something if he is too keep up the ruse for long – this car/truck/Hot Wheels thing is what the little con men at Rivian came up with.


    1. I thought that same possibility, it doesn’t look “real” and having seen several “mock-ups” in my life the one shown to actual people is likely just that – a non functional “mock-up”. I hold by my initial beliefs that Rivian is one big sham show and is run by a flim flam man of the highest order.


  5. Koos placed an order with your tax dollars, as quoted in the Slantagraph. Congrats, the town of Normal is spending $61,500 to demonstrate that its “committed” to Rivian, according to Koos. Apparently, cutting their grass, raking their leaves, and funding a security team is not enough, we need to buy an overpriced pickup truck. On a positive note, the comments on the Pantagraph and online continue to express skepticism and ask probative questions of Rivian. The EDC and Koos always appear to be on the defensive when talking about Rivian.


  6. As one commentator mention on some other site, Rivians “skateboard battery chassis” and suspension system may be more important than the vehicles themselves. One never knows if the Big 3 auto makers or some other manufacturer will buy the technology….we shall see.


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