Update: Chicago comes to McLean County

See another pic:  https://blnnews.com/2018/12/03/more-chicago-comes-to-mclean-county/

By:  Diane Benjamin

The newly elected County Board members were sworn in this morning:

Shayna Watchinski proved today who she serves – it isn’t McLean County!

This pic shows all the other recently elected members being sworn in, note Shayna isn’t with them:

Shayna chose to be sworn into office by failed candidate of governor and north suburbs Chicago State Senator, Daniel Biss.  That is him standing next to Shayna to the left.

I hope those present made sure the Constitution was in the oath she took, remember when the Bloomington Council was sworn in with an “alternate” illegal oath?   https://blnnews.com/2017/12/07/illegal-oath-of-office/

Democrats trained Shayna.  Democrat money from Chicago poured into the last election and bought the seat for her.  She could have proven she was elected to serve the citizens of McLean County District 8, but she didn’t

Instead of being sworn in with the other newly elected Board members, Shayna chose to bring Chicago politics local.  Does all the Chicago money mean it’s payback time now?  What do the State Democrats want for their investment?

Bad way to start Shayna!,


Why aren’t all of the County Board meetings Live Streamed?  A few have been, why not all?








10 thoughts on “Update: Chicago comes to McLean County

  1. The way McLean County is going, I predict the Board will be dominated by “Pink Hairs” within 15 years. Caracas On the Prairie.


      1. You may be right….with rampant voter fraud, the influx of illegals and the Chicago criminal element, out migration of productive taxpayers from Illinois, corruption of the news media and continued Leftist radicalization of the educational system, it could “flip” in less than 10 years.


  2. It’s not too late – vote out the Tari and Koos courtiers. Step up and run for something!*, or volunteer to help campaign, or just encourage your friends / neighbors / coworkers to register and vote! Corruption like we’re seeing here has a snowball effect – It’s too late to nip it in the bud, but there’s still time to turn the tide if good people don’t ‘do nothing’!

    *But coordinate with the Libertarians, Republicans, and/or Diane so we don’t split the vote!
    (At least until hell freezes over and we get election reform for the benefit of the people instead of the politicians, aka Approval Voting…)


  3. Chicago political machine, Chicago candidates/politicians, Chicago developers, Chicago playbook. Soon, Chicago crime. We’re on a roll here. There’s still time – very little – but there’s still time to reverse course. Koos is feeling the pressure, given his recent comments about countering “misinformation”. It doesn’t matter from whom, what matters is capitalizing on this opportunity to own the conversation. Koos and Renner are for bankers (via interest on boondoggle projects), fat cat pensioners, and tax breaks to out of town millionaire developers! Let’s make it stick!


  4. Hey Chris. You know me. You know me personally and refuse to acknowledge me in public. My dad would be ashamed at your behavior if he was still around. I remember when we would visit you at the old Vitesse when it was next to the Pub II and you were a nice person.

    Amazing what two decades brings. I no longer trust you, Chris, and blame you for the downward spiral this town is in. My parents had to leave because of the property tax. I am on my way out.

    Chris, you personally have failed myself and my family. You have put the future of Normal at risk so that you can entertain the notion you will be remembered like Jesse Fell.

    Shame on you Chris. Your legacy is going to be debt and destroyed personal relationships from the people who used to love you.


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