Cadena-Buck New Judge Encouraging

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another hearing was held yesterday in the Mikey Cadena case.  Judge Feeney from Woodford County took over the case, the difference in how the case will be handled from now on was stark.  In my opinion, the previous 4 hearings I attended with Judge Hill appeared scripted.  Yesterday it didn’t.

I find it amazing that after the judge made it clear that little Mikey had been a pawn in a chess game, especially on social media, the Pantagraph used a social media pic by his mom in their story.

I guess posting a picture of a minor no longer violates journalist decorum.

Michael Cadena lost his job after spending 15 days in jail.  Amber Buck did not go through the courts in Massachusetts to get Mikey.  She used the local police after the courts were closed for the day.  Illinois had no intention of retrieving Michael, he was only in jail to give Amber time to take Mikey.  That happened the day after he was jailed.  Michael lost his job and spent time in jail for nothing.  Worse, Mikey wasn’t given a chance to say goodbye to his dad or grandmother.  There was no transition time.  Someday he will read the stories on the internet and remember what he went through.  All parties need to keep that in mind.

Michael Cadena hasn’t talked to Mikey since October 2nd.  Judge Feeney ordered video phone calls to start, at first supervised by the office of the psychologist treating Mikey.  No video of these calls is allowed by either side.  Amber’s lawyer tried to claim the psychologist was recommending no contact, but when questioned by the judge as to why, he had no explanation.

Mikey will be getting a GAL (guardian ad litem).  Tristan Bullington, mom’s lawyer, wanted a male appointed since accusations have been made pertaining to the last female judge being biased.  Judge Feeney bristled at that request and stated the GAL people are dedicated professionals and the sex of the person selected would play no part in the appointment.

An appeal is still pending pertaining to Judge Hill’s creative warrant.  The case is far from over, but the change in judges will help the process.







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