Mikey Update

By:  Diane Benjamin

Update to the numerous stories about Mike and Mikey Cadena.

I haven’t done a story for awhile because the judge doesn’t want either side using Mikey as a pawn.  Since that hasn’t stopped the other side, I will recap some of what happened in court yesterday.

Mike will be returning to Illinois to serve his jail time imposed by the last judge.  He fled Illinois with Mikey to protect him, unless he makes things right he will never be able to see his son in person.

According to the family, Mike has not talked to his son in 20 days.  The GAL told the judge there were many calls in March and the judge believed him.  Meanwhile, Amber was able to get permission from her probation officer to go on vacation with Mikey.

Arrangements for Mike’s surrender will be made in the coming weeks.  A therapist from Peoria is scheduled to evaluate Mikey on behalf of his dad.  That will probably happen next month with his report due to the court in June.

Hopefully Mikey’s voice will finally be heard too.



4 thoughts on “Mikey Update

  1. This story was posted on 4/3/2019 and this is the first post. I’m hoping it was the election that caused people to overlook such an important human interest story. How much time does micheal have to serve here in Illinois?


  2. As if there isn’t worse reasons to be in jail..Guns, drugs and just in general gang activity.>So let throw a father who was trying to protect his child in there also..This town makes me so sick


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