Brick Street Repairs?

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 193:

From an Ordinance on the Consent Agenda – meaning no discussion will take place unless an alderman pulls it:


The purpose of this ordinance is to transfer $25,000 from the unused money in the Harriet Fuller Rust Grant fund.  The ordinance says it wants to repair temporary gravel utility patches and other restoration work, as needed, to various brick streets in the City of Bloomington.

How much work will get done for $25,000?  A square foot?

See this story from November of 2017:

The Brick Street Master Plan lists how much will be spent per year.  The Council approved an engineering study – $179,024 – for brick repair on Monroe Street.

  • By now the City has the results of that study.
  • We know brick streets are MUCH more expensive to fix than resurfacing current roads.
  • We know the Motor Fuel Tax is going up May 1st which will hand over more money to the City.
  • We know the streets were magically re-rated to appear better than they really are.

Will we soon be hearing money has been found for brick streets?

Mater Plans are never a suggestion.



5 thoughts on “Brick Street Repairs?

  1. Can we have the $25,000 for hot patch repair tar over here on Hershey? For those who haven’t enjoyed traveling on Hershey recently… start at Ireland Grove Road and travel toward Empire Street…. I don’t know what is worse, the potholes or the over-sized protruding pothole repairs EVERYWHERE. Thanks Tari!

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  2. Yeah how about Mercer Avenue. Old school nice homes. So much for keeping up property values. That street (and many, many others) is deplorable. Hey I know, lets put up yard signs everywhere thanking Taxin’ Tari for the mess he’s let happen.

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    1. I’d chip in towards a go fund me page to buy signs ‘Potholes courtesy of Tari Renner’.
      Kind of like my idea for to privately fund a renaming of and new signage for the Renner-Markowitz Center right before it gets boarded up so people know who to thank/blame.


  3. IF these Mindless IDIOTS want to FIX a BRICK STREET that TRULY needs repair, how about East Jefferson from Clinton to the Davis Mansion. It’s a roller coaster, and darn near unusable. TRY IT!


  4. I will volunteer to make the signs. I just need the boards, wire stands, & waterproof markers. I am sincere in my offer.


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