Mikey – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another hearing was held yesterday to set a date for Michael Cadena to surrender himself and serve his jail sentence.  The date if April 30th.

One thing most people don’t know is that Cadena has malpractice case in Federal Court against his former lawyer who failed to tell him (when repeatedly asked) he would need to petition the court to leave the state.  See that court filing here:  Cadena-Amended-Complaint

That filing clearly spells out what happened and how Cadena will now be forced to serve jail time.

Meanwhile a Licensed Clinical Psychologist hired by Cadena is in the process of evaluating all parties.  He will be making recommendations to the court by early June.

Cadena was sentenced to 6 months in jail for not returning to Illinois with his son.  He will likely get half off for good behavior plus credit for time served in Massachusetts.

I decided to drive into Bloomington from the south yesterday.  The CII East building is still a massive eyesore or rust, dirty windows, and weeds.  Here’s an idea:  There is an equally ugly brick building to the east that looks to be perfect for some art:
This building is clearly visible from East Street.  Supposedly downtown wants to promote art, doing something with this building would detract from the ugliness of the CII East building and this building.
With the new jail blocking much of the view across the street, making the right side entrance to downtown more attractive might give people a reason to not keep driving past downtown.  Maybe the businesses located on the south side of Front would kick in a few bucks to make art happen.  It would benefit them if it’s done right.

5 thoughts on “Mikey – Part 2

  1. Maybe they should treat it like people want to do to old wind farms, tear down and put it back like when the land was found?


  2. That CII East building is hideous. There is no way in hell the city should have allowed that to be such an eyesore for this long. About the Cadena story, wouldn’t you think the Pantagraph would report on this case?? Hmm…


  3. That wall USED to have a NICE ivy mural painted on it. as for wind farms, I can’t WAIT until they go belly up. I think it would be neat to get about 10 or 12 of those turbine towers and make a large steel platform on top of them, glass enclose it and make a countryside view residence or restaurant. People could WATCH where their food comes from while the farmers plant or harvest.. One could probably get a splendid view from atop those things..
    As for CII East -tear it down or sell it to Tari for his art gallery..


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