Letter from Kirk Zimmerman

By:  Diane Benjamin

I rarely watch local TV news, but last night I did watch WMBD.  The reporter at the Zimmerman trial referred to a letter they received from Zimmerman criticizing the Pantagraph reporter and reporting.  He claimed it would be posted on their website, so far it isn’t.

Evidently Zimmerman also sent it to WGLT.  They did post the letter on their Facebook page.  See the last paragraph, likely something you have heard before:  (a scan would have been better!)


The only reason I started writing about the Cadena case was because of the biased reporting by the same reporter.

12 thoughts on “Letter from Kirk Zimmerman

  1. Needed to burn some trash out in the country at a friends the other day. TRIED using an old Pantagraph to start it, wouldn’t work! So it’s basically a useless paper unless you own a bird.. As for content, there’s more content on the side of a cereal box.. Reporting?? That went the way of Kodachrome film and flash bulbs…


    1. Agree with you on all parts except the bird… The pantagraph isn’t even good enough to line my bird cage. It’s beyond a joke at this point, they’re just so bad.


  2. Thanks for posting this letter Diane. It’s scary to think that all this bias can ruin an innocent person’s life. LACK OF EVIDENCE NEVER PROVES GUILT! I’m so glad justice prevailed.


    1. She has become a punch-line in our household. See that she “reported” the article, have a good laugh, and move on.


  3. I agree the media coverage in this case was horrible, but an even worse problem is in the McLean County States Attorney’s office.


  4. The sad thing is….this applies to ALL local media in print, TV or Radio. They believe reporting means telling the story to their viewpoint. Their idea of investigative reporting is reading the side of a breakfast cereal box to determine the amount of sugar. People in this town deserve better….but them again maybe not. When you have an election where less than 20% of the people get off their butts to vote it says a lot about their concern. In the same way small voter turnouts allow idiots like, Renner, Carillo, Koos and Crabil to get elected by putting together a small group of like minded socialists voting for them, local media stays the because only 20% or less give a damn about accuracy in what is reported.l

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  5. I agree. The Pantagraph had people believing he was guilty before the trial. Even me. I hope those Assistant State’s Attorneys on the case are real red faced about the outcome. They thought they had it in the bag. Their case was very weak. The defense attorney was excellent.


  6. Better yet It should be public knowledge who all the players were. I seems like our small town authority has the same playbook as their big brother CIA, FBI, etc.


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