Stan Nord on WJBC this morning

By:  Diane Benjamin

Stan Nord was on WJBC this morning with Scott Miller.  The article below only recaps the conversation they had about Connect Transit.

Nord also explained why he paid the tap-on fees instead of filing a lawsuit.  The conversation ended with Stan asking both Bloomington and Normal to eliminate their Local Motor Fuel Tax since the State is going to raise theirs July 1st.  Both cities will be getting a share of that increase.

The Bloomington City Council did mention the State raising the rate before they voted to gouge the poor for another .04 a gallon –  a total of .08.  Normal has not voted to match Bloomington’s increase.  If Bloomington doesn’t decrease it to at least the same as Normal, it speaks volumes about their character.

Real leadership and representation from elected officials is rare, Normal elected a gem.

Listen to the entire conversation here, you won’t be sorry:

11 thoughts on “Stan Nord on WJBC this morning

  1. 1 week you despise that radio station and now another week you promote and compliment it. How can you go from one extreme to the other? You vilify it and it’s hosts and then you’re happy the next week with this interview.


    1. Maybe it is the guest’s comments that are receiving a positive response in this post, not the interviewer’s questions. Stan is a well-spoken, intelligent businessman with common sense.

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    2. Your comment is like an ignorant liberal thinks. You seem to feel if one comments against a media outlet then they always have to be against it. While I believe radio, TV and the Pantagraph are part of Newton Minnow’s vast wasteland (ie generally garbage), that blind pig sometimes does find an acorn. Because of this I recognize this and will give credit when it is due. (Last week channel 25 actually did a half way decent attempt in reporting Tax’, Tari’s racist comment….I applauded that, but generally they are a poor excuse for a news outlet) In other words I do not have a TDS style disorder which is often found in people that think like you. I am quite capable of listening, reading or watching their stuff and then deciding if it is worthy of consideration.

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    1. That’s just another benefit Tax’n Tari has brought to us by trying to make us little Chicago. Have not bought gas in Bloomington since Jan.1 My new years resolution. Rarely buy anything in Bloomington now.

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  2. Has anyone noticed how the city has messed with the timing of the Veteran’s Pkwy signal lights timed so that almost every one of them turns red when traffic gets to them. Why, probably to cause an increase in fuel consumption. Don’t be in a rush to get to ER at St. Joseph’s hospital.

    So glad to see someone like Nord standing up to the city. I hope it sends a scary message to Tari and his minions that their time is coming to an end because the citizens in both cities are fed up with their tax’n and fees.

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