Bloomington City Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Payments for tonight:

Who did they pay moving expenses for in Administration?  More traveling at your expense!

admin travel

The cost of auditing, don’t forget – they aren’t looking for fraud.

audit ser

Can’t announce a new season without a party!

bcpa food

I wonder if there is a course in “Right Fit”?

econdev conference

What’s happening at the meeting?

Another employee spiking a pension:

SLBB 9-23-19.JPG

Pickup and delivery of alcohol ordinance:

Mirroring Normal, Bloomington will make new laws for businesses changing their operation to what people evidently want now.  These businesses will be required to keep records of deliveries for at least 6 months.  Citizens:  Want your name on a list government can check?

Think government won’t use that information against you in the future?

The City is outsourcing some mowing, that’s a smart move!

weed outsource

Is this proof Connect Transit doesn’t need a downtown transfer station?

close front street

On September 27th they evidently don’t.  The buses park in front of the Law and Justice Center on Front now, it looks like for this event they won’t be able to.

Maybe this is how the Coliseum is going to save downtown.  Get concert goers drunk  before a concert.  Will alcohol sales be affected during the concert?  Economic Development!

Hopefully Public Comment will be more exciting than the meeting.

2 thoughts on “Bloomington City Council tonight

  1. At least with the mowing, you won’t have generous salaries, gold-plated benefit, pension spiking, and expensive shower facilities when that gets contracted out.

    Too bad they couldn’t have people sentenced to community service do this work.

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  2. At Schnucks in Bloomington, they have to scan the code on the back of your driver’s license if you buy alcohol. So I don’t buy alcohol there. It’s largely a meaningless protest because google and the credit card companies know all. But, it’s still one little way to just say no.

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