Tiritillli Public Comment found + another sports complex

By:  Diane Benjamin

As reported in this story, the Public Comment by Marc Tiritilli was cut from the posted video at the 9/30/2019 joint meeting of the McLean County Board, Town of Normal, and Bloomington City Council:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/07/comment-cut-from-video-tiritilli/

I filed a FOIA Request with Bloomington since they had posted the rest of the video.  It only took a few days to get the video posted to their website.  It is from a different camera angle, Marc can be heard but you can’t see him speak.

Marc talked about the potential sports complex and the lack of representation on the Connect Transit Board, buying huge buses etc.  He points out we aren’t getting good use of the money invested and new Board members are needed now.

Locals need to rethink a sports complex here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/09/09/sports-complex/

In case the CVB and EDC haven’t heard, Rantoul just voted to build a sports complex:  https://www.news-gazette.com/business/economy/rantoul-village-board-unanimously-approves-new-million-sports-complex/article_67e7c2c4-b65a-5c56-a334-484abf72d010.html

More info:  https://village.rantoul.il.us/696/Sports-Complex-Proposal

marketfund it

fund it 2

I hope somebody saves the above “promise” that it will pay for itself.

Hear Marc’s comments here (3:05).  The roll call is first in case you want to know who attended:


9 thoughts on “Tiritillli Public Comment found + another sports complex

  1. The idiots can’t even get their propaganda right. For example, I defy you to legally drive to Louisville in 4 hours, with Cincinnati being very questionable. But remember, folks, “Lying to advance “The Cause” is never wrong”.

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  2. I USED to do shows in Cincinnati, It’s 6 hours from Bloomington, and Rantoul is 45 minutes or so away, maybe an hour on 136.
    I see this paying for itself,like I see NASA inventing a kite you can fly on the moon..
    Yeah, SOLAR WIND!

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    1. They always say that, they also always say what a great opportunity something that they want is for everyone, especially the kids, and how much revenue it will bring to the city. Sort of like how many people Rivian will employ. They also always stretch out the area that can be drawn from/served they will say 3-4 hours when it is more like 5-6.

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  3. Heyworth is building a SPORTS COMPLEX! we dont need one but hey ,we the people didnt get asked about it either. The same spiel was used for that one as well. For the good of the children was Heyworth’s excuse. I have talked to several parents and THEY dont want it either .

    With SF fleeing Illinois and Bloomington as well as everyone with any sense, is either leaving or has left! 25% funding? Is that all? In other words 75% will be stuck on the taxpayers back! But of course,you will never hear that from the Council.

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  4. I only just made time to listen to Marc’s comments. I agree with everything said except one thing, and one item left unsaid. These are not intended as dings against Marc – he’s just trying to not seem Too negative as he makes his points. I’ve been there and done that myself. These are additional negatives against our boards I’m adding so the public is more likely to get the full story, albeit from multiple sources.
    Referring to the sports complex, “It was a good idea, but…” It was never a good idea. The consultant’s report openly said it would never pay for itself, and that assumed not only that there would not be the additional competition that Marc referred to, but that there would be new major events springing up to fill in the gaps in the schedule that the consultant envisioned. If we had gotten in 10ish years before it was discussed locally, we Might have been at the vanguard and had some good or even profitable years, but later faced increased competition and declining demographics and still ended up with a millstone.
    The one point unsaid was in Marc’s reference to the various sizes of electric buses. The CT board made it clear at last week’s Normal council meeting that converting to an electric fleet was a priority for them, and thus various non-electric options that would have been lighter were not given significant consideration. Lighter buses would mean less road wear (or curb/sidewalk wear in some places), greater flexibility in where the buses could be routed, and additional safety by way of shorter stopping distances. But in the eyes of the CT board and the mayors who appoint them, those real-life realities are apparently not significant considerations compared to having ‘We have electric buses!’ bragging rights.


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