The Stan-Pam relationship is worse than I thought

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another email exchange between Stan Nord and Pam Reece, I don’t think it needs my comments.  All of these were written on the same day.  Received by FOIA.

stan pam exec a

stan pam exec aa

Stan Pam executive orders

Stan Pam executive orders 2

15 thoughts on “The Stan-Pam relationship is worse than I thought

  1. Come on Stan…. let’s get with the program. Now here is the deal….

    You need to shut up and just nod your head when Fuhrer Koos or Reich Minister Pam speaks or does anything that might seem illegal, unethical or just plain dumb…. Got it?

    Thanks for your cooperation…. remember Good is bad and Bad is good. We are all in this together and remember that “Orange Man Bad”.

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  2. Pam Reece has a hard time with the truth. She lied about the fire station location to free up $450,000 that she could give a development company. Never bothered to shop around or do any kind of research on what might be the best location and best serve the residents of this community. She has her little minions like Lorenz that blindly believes everything she is told.

    We need more people like Stan Nord. He’s elected… Reece was hired… That tells me what I need to know.

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    1. Chatty Kathy’s bought and paid for by the Queen mother-in-law, Sonja. Clone Sonja and you’ve got Kathy. So, I seriously doubt she’ll ever question the Queen.

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  3. I’m disheartened by Karen Smith’s joining the going along to get along crowd. I wonder if she just crumbled or if she made a deal.

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    1. I think she crumbled. It’s not easy doing what Stan Nord does. People may start out with good intentions, but after a while of being disliked and vilified every time you bring something up, eventually the average person’s going to cave and just go along to get alone. That seems to be what’s happening with Karyn.

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  4. Pamela is a pig, a liar, and a bully. What about all the lying that went into having two buildings razed at Nick Africano’s property? The tax payers of Normal forked over $500,000 to have both buildings razed on his land. Only one building was razed. Where did the rest of the money go Nick? BUT WAIT, the plot thickens. The Town of Normal is now listed as the owner of the property those buildings were on. How much did Nick Africano get out of that deal? And were supposed to believe Pam, Koos, and others are pure as the wind driven snow. Yeah right. We know better.

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  5. This is the same “plan the work and work the plan” garbage Kathleen Lorens vomits out. The “plan” is more important than the peon citizens.

    When I talk to council members they just look at me like I am inconveniencing them. Then they vote to screw over taxpayers for some upitty town or feel good project. Nothing will change until voters realize bitching on FB and this site does little. We need to run and donate money to elect people who will put the people first.

    I give stan a few more months before he gives up dealing with the abuse from the community bullies.

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  6. All one has to do is look at any of her communications with Stan and you will quickly realize that the person behind it is:

    1. Condescending and secretive
    2. Authoritarian and closed to contradictory information or opinions
    3. Spiteful and ready to seek revenge on anyone who challenges her or the Koos Cabal
    4. Uses divide and conquer to control and manipulate staff, the council and common folks (you)
    5. Closed to anything that challenges her cabal’s leftist socialist elite agenda
    6. Uses backstabbing and back channels to punish her opponents
    7. Uses her position’s power to enrich herself, her crony capitalist elite friends and supporters of Fuhrer Koos
    8. Believes there is one set of rules for her and the Koos cabal and another set of rules for the common folk (you)

    I am sure there are more….

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    1. Immature, weak and petty to have to go forward this to the rest of the Council seeking their support to help her out. She’s in effect trying to play the victim card. Same tactics as Kathleen Lorenz.

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      1. I agree. Even if she doesn’t appreciate Stan’s approach it is still her job to stay professional. She fails miserably in this effort.

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  7. After watching the council meeting I realized we are pawns in a political pissing match. Whenever Stan identifies savings or waste Pam and the council go out of their way to make sure he never gets a win. The problem is we are paying for their spite of Stan.

    Really ,they raised the water and sewer bills even though they have a huge surplus…and in this economy? It is disgusting what they did.

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