Jumping around Normal’s meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Links to the 4 previous stories:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/08/the-saga-of-mondays-normal-meeting-continues/

Inside information:

Rumor (98% confirmed) is Normal was furious with Bloomington when they offered to lease or sell part of Prairie Vista golf course to Fire Juniors for a new soccer field.

Prairie Vista already has adequate infrastructure, the new location in Normal doesn’t.  Bloomington kids will be able to play in Normal while their parents aren’t responsible for the improved infrastructure that will be necessary.  The residents of Normal will get that bill whether they have kids who play or not.  Bloomington maintained the airport soccer fields for Fire.  Moving the complex to Normal is a Win-Win for Bloomington taxpayers.

One more note:  Fields are already developed on Bloomington’s Southwest side – Nord Fields.  Those fields continue to evolve now including lights, the airport never had them.  The only reason there will be two complexes is because the two groups have a personality conflict among leadership.  That friction is costing millions of dollars.

Two individuals from Fire made a presentation to the Council, I don’t know why that was necessary unless Normal is attempting to control them (not surprising).

For this story I’m not going to post snippets.  Stan Nord mentions expenses the taxpayers might incur starting at  1:43:15.  He starts with building and maintaining a retention pond, Fire will build it the Town might be responsible for it later.  The discussion then went to roads.  Taxpayers will get the bill for widening Towanda Avenue and possibly other infrastructure.  Shortly after Stan Kathleen Lorenz dug a hole for herself by implying Nord Fields and the airport fields were less than adequate for soccer.  Stan corrected her about Nord Fields.  The video should start with Stan when you hit play:

6 thoughts on “Jumping around Normal’s meeting

  1. Of course Normal has offered infrastructure improvements and probably some type of incentive or financial help. The thing one has to remember about these parents is that they think their kids are stars even though most are not. They are looking for college scholarships and some even think they have pro potential. All travel parents are delusional about their kids’ real athletic abilities. This is why Nord Fields are inadequate in their diluted minds. Just looking at the site you see several aspects of improvements that require municipal assistance. I just started laughing when I saw it. It is likely utilities on the site will have to be upgraded or improved. An expensive environmental study is also in the offing besides the price tag for all three phases being low. Why do you think they made a council presentation of the Town hasn’t already promised help?

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    1. Peabody, the parent you’re describing is Kathy Lorenz. She’s gone from soccer mom to Normal Town Council member. How’s that working out for you?

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  2. This was a backroom deal with Koos and Reece committing Normal taxpayers to pay whatever it takes so they could one-up Bloomington. Lorenz wants this complex as her legacy – she will do anything to make it happen. Koos and Co are still upset about the failed Metro Zone agreement. Once Renner said Blm could not afford the $43M sports complex, the 2nd feasibility study conversation ended. Then all discussion regarding the complex went behind closed doors. Koos and Co, schemed a way to make it happen in Normal by gradually milking taxpayers for the cost. After all, Koos and Co have been sucessful in sticking taxpayers with $100M of debt for his Uptown dream, how hard would it be to add few $10’s of Millions more on them? He has a rubber stamp council and sees that may change at the next election. He will get as many large projects approved while he has his bobbleheads.

    There is a reason Koos does not allow public comment. He does not want his questionable actions coming to light.

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  3. Is that why I noticed a lot of ground work that was being done at the old sale barn grounds over the past few weeks?


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