Bloomington crushes MLK’s vision

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason made it official last night: If you are white, don’t apply for a job with the City. Marin Luther King’s vision of a colorblind society is officially dead. Post COVID no money needs to be spent celebrating MLK Day ever again.

Bloomington now has a Diversity and Inclusion officer who will sit in on all job interviews. His name is Michael Hurt, he is currently listed as the Community Relations Manager, total compensation last year was $99,252.29.

Gleason claimed he took the job here wanting to do this. He also claimed the Council has been demanding this. There was never a vote.

According to this site, Bloomington is 77.42% white. Gleason never said what the Bloomington workforce looks like in comparison.

Bloomington will no longer be hiring the most qualified for open positions, extra points will be given to candidates based on their skin color.

Listen to Tim Gleason yourself introducing this position at the end of the meeting. He doesn’t say if now a replacement will be needed for Hurt’s old job.

Just hit play or go to 2:25:15.

15 thoughts on “Bloomington crushes MLK’s vision

  1. Therefore in not seeking and demanding the best, third world status approaches at a much quicker pace. As well, now anyone can do Gleasons job. No more reasons left for his ridiculous salary and benefits.

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  2. Has anyone else noticed that Mr. Michael Hurt hasn’t been able to keep a job very long? Is it because of substandard performance has motivated his supervisors to help facilitate his departures? Look at this guy: he’s had six significant positions in the twenty years he has been in the workforce. Not sure if they counted his time working part-time in high school and college. Or should I say six big positions working for the government.

    And he’s expecting some certification as a “DIVERSITY EXECUTIVE.”

    And now this social justice warrior is going to sit in on every job interview and chime in with his two cents? And Tim Gleason is lauding this Hurt guy like Mr. Hurt is the second coming of Jesus Christ? Then again, this is the same Tim Gleason who I believe suppressed evidence exonerating the City of Bloomington staff from claims of racism in order to protect local race hustlers.

    How biased is Tim Gleason? He can’t take a phone call (or return one) from people wrongfully accused of racism but he goes to the home of a race-baiting bigot for a face-to-face meeting.

    The good news is Michael Hurt will be gone shortly. He can’t keep a job much longer than your average McDonalds worker. The bad news is that anyone in our city government thought this was a good idea.

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  3. So, we’re fighting perceived racism with actual racism? Brilliant. Diversity is welcome unless it’s diversity of opinion or perspective. If everyone looks different yet thinks the same, you don’t have diversity at all. I’m sure white applicants will be accepted so long as they have no traces of voting Republican in a past election and/or have done the requisite virtual signaling.

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  4. Per the YT video (2:25:54):
    20 years JR management experience specializing in EEO, OFCCP, Affirmative Action, Title IV, Title VII, Title IX compliance and employee relations.

    Community relations manager – City of Bloomington (COB)
    Affirmative Action compliance manager – Salvation army Atlanta
    Labor Relations manager – City of Peoria
    Equal Opportunity specialist City of Peoria
    Director of HR: Peoria Housing Authority
    Employee / Student Accommodations Coordinator – ISU

    How many of these jobs did he get because of his skin color and not because of merit?

    I’d feel a LOT better if Bloomington employed a meritocracy in hiring decisions.

    Unfortunately, I suspect Mr. Hurt not only isn’t familiar with what a meritocracy is, but he might even have a hard time spelling it without spell check auditing him.

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  5. Well this is rich. A bunch of white people ranting about how things might be a little more equitable in future hirings in Bloomington. Oh, the horror.

    Martin Luther King Jr. knew that there was no “color blind society” when he was assassinated in 1968 in Nashville. And there still isn’t a color blind society in this country. It’s pretty telling that attacking the qualification and experience of Michael Hurt seems to be racially motivated. If a white candidate had similar experience, that would be a huge plus. With a African American candidate it’s sinister and it means he only got ahead because of his “skin color”. Really? Do any of you know how tone deaf that is and how incredibly racist that sounds? In this year of 2020 anyone voicing that sentiment should be roundly called out. Racism is alive and well on this forum.


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