Breaking news: Michael Cadena Wins

By: Diane Benjamin

The ONLY reason I got involved with this story is the former Pantagraph reporter, Edith Brady-Lunny (now with WGLT) was not reporting fairly. SEARCH Cadena for all the previous stories is you don’t remember them.

The custody case ended today after a LONG trial. Michael Cadena is getting custody of his son in Massachusetts! His mom is allowed to visit him there, not in Illinois. (hint hint)

I am expecting more details, this story will be updated. I hope all the liars who either wrote stories or commented about the case knowing nothing will retract their statements. Of course, they won’t.

One of the few judges that has ever impressed me was the Cadena judge – Charles Feeney. Unfortunately he is a Woodford County judge that hears cases here (I think once a week).

7 thoughts on “Breaking news: Michael Cadena Wins

  1. Cheers to Michael and his son!! What a Christmas present! I hope Michael and his son, and even his mother, can move on and enjoy healthy relationships all around.

    This is a victory for fathers everywhere who have been treated like criminals by the family court system. Thank you to Judge Feeney for presiding over this case fairly. We need more like him.

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