Illinois: Proposed Law Favors Criminals

Crime has skyrocketed where these changes have taken place. Evidently Illinois wants the same chaos across the State. Did Democrats oppose the officers who protected Congress this week? Murder won’t be a felony, but officers can be guilty of a felony for doing their job?

11 thoughts on “Illinois: Proposed Law Favors Criminals

  1. This bill is BS, total BS. They attached this 611 page “amendment” to a bill on prescription notifications. That tells me two things. One, they know it has zero chance of passing. Two, they know if they proposed this as a single bill, they would draw a massive amount of negative attention. But this way they can still “claim” they tried.
    I could be wrong. But I find it very hard to believe that every sinlge democrat in the legislature would in anyway support this absolute nonsense.

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  2. Let them do it. And when self-defense murders start skyrocketing they will stand around scratching their heads as to what happened.

    They really don’t want what they keep asking for.

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  3. Most people will not be able to get their heads around what waits people that do not agree with the ultra-left. They are going all in on everything, including in Illinois and also BN if they get their numbers. Dianne is correct. Try defending your house from an invader and see what happens. That is just the beginning. Conservatives or a Trump supporter will be able to be assaulted in a parking lot by a black or Antifa member in broad daylight and nothing will happen. Political noids the like of Adam Kinzinger who chose not to stand up with you are directly responsible for what is to come. You have no idea how bad it is going to get.

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  4. I wasn’t suggesting that they will approve of self-defense. But when there is no longer a police force to make people feel safe, then personal safety falls back on the individual. It’s what happens when people no longer have confidence in law enforcement. And since the police are enforcing unconstitutional orders and edicts, I’m not sure how much confidence in the police is left. And self-defense is the next logical step, in my opinion, in what happens next. Kyle Rittenhouse is a perfect example.

    Again, I wasn’t saying that it will be approved of or accepted. I was merely stating what I see happening because of all this. There are reactions that will happen, whether they like it or not. And I agree with MPeabody in that this is going to get much worse before it gets better.

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    1. You would think the police will be on your side, some will but most won’t. Just look at what has happened so far. They have stood down in the face of riots by thugs because some lib politician told them to do it. They were macing protesters that weren’t even trying to access the Capitol just for yelling at them and they will arrest and they are breaking into houses in Britain to break up gatherings and locally you have already seen they will comply with the government overseers. I get it that they need a job and want to protect their pensions, but if anyone thinks these guys are going to come over to the other side of the fence en masse, you are sorely mistaken, same with most in the military. You are pretty much on your own for the next two years and probably beyond.

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  5. Looks like we ARE moving to a world where the idea of individual responsibility and therefor crime is outlawed. Where crime will be seen as a function of your genetics, which you have no control over. You can not be punished for things you have no control over.

    This is our brave new world now. We had better get back to the basics quick.

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  6. There are methods to build and there are methods to destroy. The state of ILLannoy demonrats are fans of the methods to destroy. Unless a miracle ensues to seat Donald J Trump as POTUS on January 20th, getting the heck out of ILLannoy if possible is the best alternative. That said, locally if citizens of Normal are blessed with a fair and honest election, at least that could be a beginning for some sense in local politics with Nord, Tiritilli, Sila, and Blumenshine in the mix.

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  7. I have heard from many GOOD police officers that if this bill passes, they will look to exit their law enforcement profession and do something else. The potential liability removing qualified immunity to them and their families are too significant. Let’s hope and pray this doesn’t become reality.

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  8. I’m reading a book that is a true story from the holocaust, The boy Who followed his father to Auschwitz. In the beginning of the book it talks about how hitler took control of Vienna Austria. It is eerily similar to what is happening in our country right now. All I can say is get ready because if you believe in freedom and individual rights you are about to get a wake up call. If you haven’t read any of the true stories or even watched Schindler’s List or other movies/documentaries on the holocaust you might want to start so you have a clear understanding of what is coming. Your so called Republican representatives like Rodney Davis and Darren LaHood will soon flip on you along with others because it will be about survival for them. I’m not even sure the Republicans can survive what is about to come . The New Illinois is our greatest hope! We need to get behind this effort to succeed from Chicago. A lot of the formal process to separate us out has already started, we just need to get behind it and light it upwind push for it!

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