WGLT is Jealous!

By: Diane Benjamin

Posted yesterday by WGLT reporter Ryan Denham:


File this one under local comedy.

The reporter is upset that Cities 92.9 veers into opinion reporting rather than straight news. Keep in mind the WGLT General Manager RC McBride used to have a seat on the Normal Town Council until he was defeated for re-election. RC now sits on the Normal Planning Commission – appointed by Chris Koos.

So, WGLT’s General Manager not only makes news he reports his version of the news!

Left leaning media really hates competition. Truth sneaks out occasionally when media doesn’t all come from the same canned sources. Of course the left leaning media ignores facts hoping their consumers never hear truth.

WGLT needs to lean a little more right and fairly report occasionally. A recent survey showed:

Yahoo News: surveys-Republicans-More-Open-Minded-Better-Informed-Democrats

Read the comments on the Facebook to the story WGLT did about BlnNews being suspended, they prove the above statement. Here’s one from a defeated Normal Council candidate:

AJ is obviously not a reader or he would know I don’t “live” in Ellsworth. He also doesn’t know I post links to everything I write. I use government’s own words as proof. AJ, you are one of those uniformed liberals by choice. I appreciate you proving it.

Denham’s article is full of debunked talking points, but since WGLT lives in their tribe bubble, they promote being uniformed.

This sentence is in the article as a quote: The smart stations, he said, will invest in local content, even newsgathering.

That summarizes why Barry Reilly will no longer talk to Cities 92.9 Ryan. Cities has proof Reilly tried to get School Board candidate, Fitzgerald Sameday, to remove himself from the ballot, called the employer of a public commenter in an attempt to get her fired, and kept social media posts on other commenters. Isn’t interfering in an election a crime Ryan? Are you going to do some “newsgathering” or just bomb throwing? (There is more Ryan, going to look for it?) The CRT isn’t taught point is hilarious.

WGLT reporting is still pushing January 6th as an insurrection even thought the FBI admitted it wasn’t. They don’t care Pelosi rigged her investigation, 14000 hours of video still hasn’t been released, and at least two men seen on video urging the crowd to enter the capital haven’t been charged. Leftist media doesn’t care that “plants” were in the crowd or that police were seen on video ushering people inside.

Is WGLT still reporting Trump got help from Russia to win in 2016?

Ryan, go to BlnNews and search for WGLT. I have numerous stories of Normal officials “feeding” stories to you.

Here is what conservatives know: Anyone paid by government MUST tow the government line or lose their funding or jobs. That applies to WGLT, professors, scientists, doctors, and more.

Conservative media actually investigates which is why the “Right” is more open and informed.

WGLT can prove that point by asking their readers one question: How many unarmed blacks were shot by police last year. Their answers won’t be close to right.

Is WGLT merely jealous of Cities 92.9? Ryan has no REAL news to report? I’ve got a large stack of stuff I haven’t been able to get to if you need some Ryan!







27 thoughts on “WGLT is Jealous!

  1. I admire and respect the way Diane reports, supported by “facts”. Please join me and $upport Diane!

  2. I recall Comrade RC McBride at another news station constantly telling the listeners he has seen no evidence of media bias in media. To find it all he had to do was look in the mirror.

  3. “WGLT reporting is still pushing January 6th as an insurrection even thought the FBI admitted it wasn’t.”

    A citation for this would be great, since you claim that you “use government’s own words as proof.”

    “Leftist media doesn’t care that “plants” were in the crowd or that police were seen on video ushering people inside”

    Again, citation needed.

    “Denham’s article is full of debunked talking points”


    “WGLT needs to lean a little more right and fairly report occasionally. A recent survey showed:

    Yahoo News: surveys-Republicans-More-Open-Minded-Better-Informed-Democrats”

    Firstly, this is from 2012, almost 10 years ago now, second, there is no link to the mentioned Pew research, and I cannot find the mentioned research through scholarly indexes. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but it isn’t easy to find.

    You claim to be open-minded, but anytime someone has a contrasting opinion to yours, you respond with vitriol, and do not discuss topics in good faith.

      1. Your readers know the truth? Duck Duck Go is just a search engine for TOR or the Onion Router. Apparently neither you nor your readers know how to use search engines. You post links to everything you write? No, you don’t. Your big “link” here is a survey by Yahoo News. What the heck does a survey prove? Nothing.

        You have not backed up your claims that the Speaker of the House Pelosi rigged “her” investigation nor your assertion that 14000 hours of video still hasn’t been released. Where are your source for that piece of disinformation? Or your claims that Critical Race Theory is somehow being taught? You don’t have links to credible sources that aren’t from extreme right wing sources. Also those sources are either your opinion or convoluted
        logic by you and maybe a few of your friends in the Tea Party movement.

        You don’t live in Ellsworth? Gee that’s odd here’s your address: 27248 1100 North Rd, Ellsworth, IL. That address is on this blog and on your Computer Software business and LinkIn. Looking at the address, you may be in unincorporated Ellsworth.

        1. Posting links won’t do any good because you have no desire to hear what your media doesn’t tell you. I know when a comment is made from somebody unwilling to learn. Ever heard of the country? Ellsworth just happens to be the closest city. My neighbors are fields.

  4. Boy, the left wingers really enjoy ragging on you with their useless nonsense! You are a saint for putting up with all of it!  Keep up what you’re doing. I enjoy it!  Ron 

  5. See, this is exactly what I’m saying. To just claim that “your readers know the truth” doesn’t make your statements more valid, if anything, you’re weakening your statement. To claim that you don’t have to provide evidence, just because, doesn’t paint you as a reputable source of information.

    I’m legitimately trying to have a discussion with you, and have on multiple occasions, but you consistently brush off any statements that don’t align with the narrative.

    Also “Use a search engine” is a burden of proof fallacy.

    What does Google want hidden? Why don’t you just provide the evidence that you claim to know? If you have a source, that’s great! Provide it! That’s what news sources do.

      1. Thanks for playing? It seems you don’t want to have any type of discussion. You still haven’t provided the study, and then you simply claim that it is worse.

        Again, this shows that you aren’t willing to engage in an actual discussion, and instead prefer to be inflammatory for some reason.

      2. If a blogger were going to do it better than anyone else in town, that blogger would not be so hesitant to engage in real dialogue or take the time to post links or share citations, etc.

        If a blogger is doing the research and reporting that “no one else is”, it should be extremely simple to share the links, citations, references, etc. used in that work because they would be readily available already.

        The defensiveness of the blogger to do what is called “showing your work” in mathematics belies the point that this is about worldviews — which can be informed by literally anything (personal experience, beliefs, religion, cultural upbringing, etc.) — and not about actual facts.

        We would be so much better off if more people of all sides, beliefs, creeds, etc., trafficked in facts instead of talking points.

    1. Journalists don’t burn their sources. Your demand for her source dumb. You are obviously trying to find her source so you can intimidate and attack them. Do you want to crucify everyone who is different than you?

      1. I don’t see how asking for a citation equates to crucifixion.
        Are you implying that there is actually an individual that is informing Diane? Because I got the impression that the claim was there is evidence readily available on the internet.

        How would one attack a study?

        I’m simply asking for a claim to be backed up.

  6. WGLT did hit pieces on Mark Tiritilli claiming they were “fact checking.” At the same time they failed to report on any of the numerous lies and misrepresentations Chris Koos was putting out there. WGLT is biased. They receive too much money from Normal to dare report anything negative about the Town.

    AJ Zimmerman is an obvious advocate of the cancel culture. No opinion contrary to his is allowed. That is why Koos tried do hard to get him elected. Koos won anyway ‘cause he got his loyal puppets Preston, McCarthy and Cummings re-elected.

  7. Local media people are stunned and livid at the success 92.9 and Blnnews have achieved.

    The Pantagraph is sucking wind – even the man on the street knows it. Their slanted local reporting is so bad , their stake in the community is tenuous at best.

    WGLT slants EVERY ‘story’ to the left , in that soft , superior patrician elite radio voice that just ooozes their contempt for caucasians with non university jobs. Ryan Denhams personal political world view shines thru in every story he writes.

    When 92.9 and Blnnews get Flack from the mainstream media – one can be certain they are right over the target !

    The absolutely yellow hack tactics the local pantagraph and WGLT employees personally use to prop up their lib/DSA friends and suppress the voices of family-oriented working men and women in our community is just plain evil.

    92.9 and Blnnews are the only source of local unbiased information – the fact that other media is attacking them proves it’s working.!

  8. Ryan Denham is a very poor reporter. He only reports ONE side of any story. Why anyone would listen to this looney liberal is beyond me. I would not let him report on a kids lemonade stand.

  9. I find it hilarious that a radio station that is funded by government is considered non biased. Instead of National Public Radio, it is at best National Pravda Radio.

  10. GLT receives a lot of money from Normal. In return, RC McBride and Mike McCurdy were given Normal commissions, Ryan Denham’s wife was given a job working for Pam Reece. I expect there are more connections. No way will WGLT “bite the hand that feeds them and their family” by reporting anything negative AND truthful about local government.

  11. Ask yourself when was the last time WGLT questioned or disagreed with the actions, agenda, or decisions of Chris Koos or the Town of Normal. The media are supposed to act as a check against government. If you have 100% (or close to it) consensus, you don’t have a free and constitutional republic, you have something that looks more like North Korea. WGLT essentially acts as a PR division of City Hall masked as journalism. AJ Zimmerman is entitled to his opinion, but I’ve noticed the absence of any supporting arguments from him and others that continuously attack Diane. I’m not sure I’ve seen any respectful disagreement or counterarguments from Koos, his hatchetman Zimmerman, Queen Pam, or any others for that matter that feels so strongly about Diane.

  12. Cities has their problems (I used to work there) but having opinion shows in itself is not one of them. Maybe GLT should have a few opinion shows of their own? It doesn’t mean I’ll like them…but why not? It’s better than pretending you’re non biased.

  13. @ CHECK’N those citations have already been noted here but you have chosen to ignore them. Articles, quotes, links……………not quite to infinity but in your case might as well be.

  14. Having spoken at the Normal Planning Commission, I can tell you first hand that A.J. Zimmerman is a BULLY. No wonder he’s not married. No good lady will have him. Plus, he so 100% controlled and manipulated by his local communist handlers, you can see the piercings in his nose. He removed the ring before the meeting, but we know AJ. We know.

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