Carol Koos represented the ACLU Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin

One of the Public Comment speakers at the Bloomington City Council Monday night was Carol Koos. She stated she was representing the ACLU and their view of the license plate reading cameras on the agenda. Just hit play below to hear her comment.

Meanwhile the ACLU is suing some states for gerrymandering districts. All of those states are RED. Illinois isn’t one of them.

Take a look at Central Illinois – note the color used for the 105th and the 91st is indistinguishable without clicking on them:

Look at just Bloomington-Normal. The far north part of Normal is in the 105th. The 91st is obviously drawn for a democrats, ACLU doesn’t care about Illinois gerrymandering. The white line is the boundary of the 91st.

The Central Illinois ACLU posted this story on their Facebook page to justify suing RED states:

The ACLU has no credibility when they are part of the Democrat Party, therefore Carol Koos’ comment should be ignored.

RINO Scott Preston announced today he is running in the 91st. He would be perfect for Democrats. He rarely states an opinion elites would reject. If the Democrat candidate is an AOC loon, Preston has a shot at winning.

Just hit play:

11 thoughts on “Carol Koos represented the ACLU Monday night

  1. I have said many times in the past that the ACLU needs to be done away with!! Nothing but a bunch of trouble-causing dimwits!!!  Ron 

  2. Of course Preston will win this race. He has the Dan Rhino Brady machine behind him. Get ready for the next 22 years of this village idiot whose well on his way to being a career politician in Illinois.

    Did he ever get his hotel bill paid off to the town of Normal?

  3. So Carrol Koos is upset Bloomington wanted these cameras but 1 week prior when Normal got cameras with the same functionality she was silent? That’s interesting…I wonder if the silence has anything to do with the Mayor of Normal’s last name? Can you say hypocrite…

  4. See what Champaign did. They got cameras. In fact, they wanted cameras. Why the big deal? Are the looney left DSA afraid they might be doing something wrong. McLean County residents…if you only knew the crime that was going on…by all ages…you would rethink this.

  5. I have some very very strong conerns and real life examples in the County and B-N regarding tech used, e911 and other surveillance/tech and systems, processes and tools used in McLean County and other counties in IL.
    Every local, county and state dept and processes needs to be looked into and their partnerships. With over 300 new laws now I”m sure many have their hands in the pie and have more influence and ways to exploit taxpayers and citizens and individuals now. ACLU and other city/county departments apparently are governed, ran and integrated with Chicago and state depts now (based on them not doing anything or having answers for anything). This is another of many example.

    Be careful when folks say we will rescue or save lives or protect our community and taxpayers. Not all is as it seems most of the time and quiet abuses occur.

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