Confused? So are they!

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari wants the Front and Center building torn down so he can get a downtown hotel. Other City departments want the windows and roof fixed. Um.   Haven’t citizens been told over and over and over the City can’t force Huffs to fix the building?  It would take too much time and […]

The Buragas problem

By:  Diane Benjamin It is no accident that a special meeting was called for the City of Bloomington days after the new Council member took the oath of office and the others were sworn in.  Renner has been possessed with downtown since being elected. The new Alderman has a problem though.  Amelia Buragas’s father, David Dorris, is a property owner downtown.  […]

This is your Coliseum moment Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin After the Bloomington City Council voted for the Coliseum – every member who voted YES left the Council. If citizens had elected like-minded people you wouldn’t be saddled with the Coliseum today! Failure to vote in local elections put aldermen on the Council who didn’t represent you! It’s happening again: Tari Renner […]

Tomorrow: Move or Vote

By:  Diane Benjamin Only 3 of the 5 alderman seats up for election in Bloomington tomorrow are contested.  The Ward 4, 5, and 8 races couldn’t be more clear: If you think Bloomington is headed in right direction – throwing more money away downtown, then vote for Renner’s candidates: Ward 4:  Buragas Ward 5:  Painter […]

WJBC interviews candidates

By:  Diane Benjamin WJBC interviewed some of the candidates for Bloomington City Council.  Listen to interviews with Joni Painter, Amelia Buragas, and Diane Hauman All were interviewed by different people, the same interviewer would have been nice. Supposedly WJBC will get to the other candidates eventually. There is plenty more material – but here […]

Buragas: More you need to know

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner has a limited supply of Democrats to appoint.  Evidently that’s why Amelia Buragas was appointed to two positions by him.  (Zoning Board of Appeals and Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Board: With a limited pool of potential appointees, Renner appointed Amalia’s husband to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission. The […]