LEGAL breaks the record!

By:  Diane Benjamin Yep, another Bloomington City Council meeting on Monday.  Yep, more approving Bills and Payroll.  Yep, Nobody on the Council will bat an eye at this one: $59,559.55 might be a new high for tax dollars being shipped to Springfield!  Jeff Jurgens and Springfield assistants are mining your gold. The remaining budget (until […]

What Bloomington is paying Monday:

By:  Diane Benjamin Legal Expense: ANCEL GLINK DIAMOND BU 00000 INV 12/16/2015 47428 131775 CHECK TOTAL 1,031.25 CLARK BAIRD SMITH LLP 00000 INV 12/14/2015 6618 132830 CHECK TOTAL 14,190.81 DAVIS & CAMPBELL LLC 00000 INV 12/14/2015 82344 131614 1 10011410 70632 HR Pro Develp 3,875.00 Invoice Net 3,875.00 CHECK TOTAL 3,875.00  A law firm with […]

Paying tonight:

By:  Diane Benjamin From tonight’s Bloomington City Council Bills and Payroll: Three employees took advantage of Sick Leave Buy Back-the HOURS is blank, see pages 11 & 13: SLBB 12,195.20 ___________ ________________ ________________ Total: 12,195.20 Total Employees: 1 SLBB  12,192.35 ___________ ________________ ________________ Total: 12,192.35 Total Employees: 2 (From 10/12/15:  SLBB  12,192.37 2 – […]

It’s simple Econ Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari:  Congratulate your Economic Development people for bring Hy-Vee to town.  It just cost you a Cub Foods.  I wonder who Green Top Grocery will put out of business? How many hotels were put out of business when Normal decided they needed a Marriott?  What will happen when Normal’s second hotel opens?  Still want a hotel in downtown […]

What Bloomington is paying for tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin See all bills and payroll here to be approved at tonight’s Council meeting: LYNN MONTEI ASSOCIATES (The lady who ran the Council retreat) CHECK TOTAL 10,419.94 A new law firm: HOLLAND & KNIGHT LLP CHECK TOTAL 43,613.62 Springfield Law firm – Jeff Jurgens CHECK TOTAL 54,686.98 (Note:  The City does have […]